Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Looks like I was not much better in February blogging.  Our computer caught a bad virus and we had to have it repaired.  Now we have it back and I am learning that not everything was either not put back on the computer (i have lost my photo editing software that came on the computer) or little things don't work like they use to (can not add or delete website bookmarks).  Anyway, February was another busy month around here.  We started out with Girls Night Out at Art & Soul, see the post below and flew right into Valentines Day.

Putting together valentines for school

Opening their Valentine's day gifts from me and Raymond.  Raymond always gets them a monkey balloon from Dollar Tree and they love it.  I got Allie an Ariel jewerly box and Abby a Rapunzel one.

The girls got a Target Gift Card as a gift so we had to go spend it.
 Allie got a Cardinal Webkin and a Magic Tree House book.
Abby got a dog Webkin, a pack of balloons and some Squickies

Abby also lost 2 teeth in February, one on Feb. 12 and another one 3 days later on Feb. 15.

Thanks to the Bakers we were able to go to a Tiger game as well. 

Abby reading her American Girl Book. American Girl Books are her new thing to read and want.  She likes Molly because Molly looks like her and has glasses.