Sunday, July 22, 2012

St. Louis Day 1 Part 2

After going up in the Arch and walking back from Busch Stadium we walked toward CityGarden. 
Citygarden is a unique sculpture garden in downtown St. Louis.

There is water coming down the slope and you can go inside the head.

Playing in fountains.   They also have a wading pool sculpture that was crowded with kids "swimming" in it. 

More sculptures

Playing on the musical tiles

The Citygarden was fun to walk through and let the girls play in. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

St. Louis Vacation - Day 1, Part 1

Yes, you read that right, Day 1, Part 1.  I LOVE to take pictures and I have lots from our trip. I did not want to put 18 pictures in one post so I will divide this post into two parts.  As will you will see as I slowly (and very late, I might add) post about our vacation a pattern will 1, part 1, day 2, part 1 and so on....
We left for St. Louis after church on Sunday (in June, told ya it was late getting posted) and went to my aunt's who lives right outside St. Louis in Imperial.  We got there around 7:20 that night.  Monday morning we got up and headed downtown to the Arch and the City Garden (see next post).

When we arrived downtown we parked in the parking garage next to the Arch and walk through the park to the Arch.  After going through security (which was a lot like airport security) the girls talked about going up in the arch.  Abby decided against it so Allie and I went up.  The ride up was not bad, as Allie will tell you it takes 4 minutes to go up and 3 and half minutes to come down.  Here is a picture we had a nice lady take for us at the top.  Allie literally walked off the tram across the to top and was ready to go back down.  I kept her up there for a few minutes and we went down the other side.   

When we arrive back down on the ground Abby was crying because she changed her mind and wanted to go up.  I told Raymond I would go back up with Abby (this would mean buying me another ticket to go up) but Raymond decided to go up with her. 

Waiting for the Tram

Busch Stadium

Waiting for our time to go up

Abby at the Top

After the Arch we walked down to Busch Stadium and this picture was taken after we walked back toward the City Garden, they were hungry and hot.  We stopped and had lunch right after I took this picture and they were MUCH happier.  After lunch we walked down to the City Garden and they played for a while as well.


 after the City Garden we walked back to the Arch and headed back to my aunts.