Monday, January 24, 2011

Bowling Party

Allie was invited to a Bowling Birthday Party for a boy in her class at school.  We have been bowling before but it has been a while.  She was so excited to go.  I guess I have found a great spring break and summer activity for the girls!

Allie started off with the kids ball rolling thing but eventually moved on to just throwing, I mean rolling the ball down the lane. 

 Waiting for her turn....

She got a strike and was so happy, she was jumping up and down and could not stop smiling.

Fantasy Football Lunch

Saturday was our Fantasy Football League's 3rd Annual Champion's Lunch.  It was held at Huey's and almost all of us were there, we were missing Tiffany, Sara and Nat.  This year's winner was first time player, Lisa.  Rachel was not to happy to be giving up the Fantasy Football Legend Plaque.  Guess she will be out for redemption and to reclaim the prize next year. 

Kori, Laurel, Me, Jamie, Anisley, Liza and Rachel

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Day 2011 Round 2

Thursday afternoon it started sleeting and then quickly changed over to snow.  School did not get out early although it was snowing pretty hard when the bell rang.  My car was covered in the time I parked, walked to get the girls and walked back to my car.  Driving home was ok, just took it slow.  They cancelled school for Friday late Thursday night but my girls were still up at 6 ready to go play in the snow.  I got them to wait till almost 8:30 to go.  This snow was not as much as the one last week and had more ice with it but we still had fun playing out in it.


Time for Snow Angels

Allie's snow angel

Abby's Turn

Abby's snow angle

Friday, January 21, 2011

100th Day of School

Thursday was the 100th day of school for the girls.  They had 100th day of school projects to do for school.
Abby made a poster board with a sun on it and the 10 rays each were made of 10 hearts or butterflys. 

Allie's poster said "Allie's 100th Day of School.  As you can see we covered some of the letters with a total of 100 buttons.

Ready for her 100th day of school!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Sunday night it started snowing as we were leaving Reach Group and snowed into the night.  MSC announced Sunday night that school would be closed on Monday but the girls were already in bed.  Allie got up around 9:30 to go to the bathroom and we told her there would be no school on Monday and the expression on her face was priceless!  I guess she was so excited that she woke up at 5am Monday morning!  At 5:45am we heard both girls up talking and playing in their room.  Raymond got them back to bed and when they got up again at 7 they were ready to go play in the snow!  After breakfast we bundled up and outside we went!

Allie said it looks like a cake

Eating icicles

Back to school we went on Tuesday.  Abby said that maybe the snow would blow onto the streets and they would send them home early,  No such luck, baby!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some of my favorite stores AKA stores I should stay out of....

2010 Picture Count

Back last January I decided to keep up with the total number of pictures I took in 2010. 

I took a grand total of.....

3421 Pictures!! 

I wonder how many I will take in 2011....I am sure I will take more in 2011 than I did on 2010 since we are going to surprise our girls with a trip to Disney at the end of May! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Abby's Lost Tooth

Friday night Abby finally lost her first tooth!  It had been lose since before Christmas.  I have tried for 2 days to get her to let me pull it but she was too scared, afraid it was going to hurt.  Friday night after dinner I had to take her to the car (she was in trouble) and she sat there and wiggled it till it came out.  She was so excited that the tooth fair was going to come see her.