Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Sunday night was Trunk or Treat.

Sleeping Beauty and The Mermaid

Trick or treating with Ammie

eating candy with Ammie


Saturday afternoon we met up with the Baker's, the Barber's, the Gearson's, the Spelling's and Turman's to tailgate before the U of M homecoming game. My brother, Keith and my niece Tessa even came over for a while. We had the girls side and the boys side. The little girls took over the Baker's van and the little boy's took over the Thurman's truck bed. We did not have our girls with us as they were with Dennis & Leslie for the evening.

The tribute to Tom II

After we had been there for an hour or so I remembered that I did not have the tickets. I was so paniced I knew Raymond would be so mad at me. When I told him he just looked at me. Thanks to Adam for telling us that we could go to will call and get replacement tickets since we are season ticket holders. So we had to have Keith go with us to will call since the tickets are in his name. We got in no problem and off into the game we went.

Friday, October 24, 2008

U of M Homecoming Parade

Tonight I took the girls to the U of M Homecoming Parade. Yes just me, Raymond went to see his mom in the hospital. She has pneumonia, but is getting better. We hope she will be able to go home by Monday. Abby was NOT happy with the idea that we were going to a parade because she thinks she does not like parade, forget the fact that she has never been to a parade. We parked off of Patterson and walked up to stand on the sidewalk. Abby was so upset, she was shaking in my arms and telling me she had to go home and see her daddy. She is such a daddy's girl. She finally started to calm down when she saw that candy was being tossed. Many of you know her slight dislike of the band, She told be afterwards that the band help calm her down. Who would of thunk it????

The homecoming theme must have been Pouncer for President. Everything we very Patriotic and asking for you to vote for Pouncer for President. Once thing was missing from the parade, I am not sure if Tom II would have been there anyway, but Tom II was not in the parade. For you non-Tiger fans, our beloved Bengal Tiger died over a week ago. They will have a special tribute at the game tomorrow. I am looking forward to when they get Tom III, I hope it is a Tiger cub instead of a grown tiger, I think the girls would like that. Here are some parade pictures.

Some of the floats

After the parade was over I saw 3 guys throwing a ball around. I recognized one as Pierre Niles. I was able to get him and Willie Kemp to take pictures with Allie. Abby would not have anything to do with either of them.

We then went to Garibaldis Pizza for dinner and Raymond was able to meet us. I have not eaten there in a long time and forgot how good they are. So wish they were closer to our house.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Blankets

Here are the blankets I just finished for the girls. It is a panel that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I use a quilt batting on the inside to make it a little warmer for the winter and the back is pink. Allie told me that she loves it and her baby loves it. Tonight they will have a new warm blanket to sleep with.

Choo Choo Train

I had to go to Wolfchase Wednesday to return something and I had the girls with me. On the way there Abby says "I see the sign for the mall. It says 'welcome to the mall'." Me- It really says welcome to the mall." Abby- "Yes mommy."
Anyway they have a train ride there now and I bribed my kids to be good with a ride on the train if they behaved. We started out a little rocky but they pulled it together and got to ride. Here are a few pictures from the train ride:

Abby is waving at me

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jackers is Back

Jackers or Jack for short, is our jack-o-lantern. Monday afternoon after school we carved him out. The girls would not touch the insides of the pumpkin, Abby told me it was yucky. After I finished carving Jack the girls were ready to pose with him.

We added eye brows...

The girls love Jackers

I am sad to report that Jackers has been overtaken by mold and will be placed to rest on Sunday. Abby told me tonight that she loves Jackers.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swing Set

Raymond finally found a swing set off craigslist. It took him 6 months but he finally found the girls one. He calls it their birthday present. The couple we bought it from said it is a year old and they are getting rid of it because she wanted her back yard back to looking like a backyard. I thought if you had kids your backyard was suppose to have kid stuff in it. Silly me :) Anyway, I am getting snide. The guy we bought it from took it apart and brought it over to our house this afternoon (yes we have had a VERY BUSY 24 hours at our house-see other posts below). After the guy left Raymond and I put it together. It only took about hour to get it back together and that included 30 minutes of looking in the grass for 2 bolts that one of us dropped. I found one but still have not found the second one.

In pieces

Almost done

Ready for play, and play the girls did this evening. We have to get a piece to fix one of the broken swings but after a quick trip to Lowe's tomorrow the second swing will be ready for use.

Pumpkin Patch - Part 2

Today we went to Cedar Hill Farm in Hernando, MS. The girls had a great time.
At the entrance
Riding the horses

Watching the Chicken Show- Allie would have sat and watch the chicken show all day if I would have let her. She watched it 3 times!

Playing on the train

family photo

In the pumpkin patch

Open House & Tigers bs. Louisville

Tuesday night was open house at MDO at Christ Church where the girls go 2 days a week. Here are the girls with their teachers.
Ms. Angie

Ms. Allison

Friday night Memphis played rival Louisville at the Liberty Bowl. As you entered the stadium State farm was giving out Tiger car flags. Nothing fancy, but I am sure I can make them into something, since the plastic stick the flag is on is flimsy and would break when you hit 35 mph. Anyway, the game was back and forth and only a close game because our special teams gave up a touchdown on a kick off return, had punt blocked and taken in for a TD and had a fumble taken in for a TD. Unfortunately, we lost the game, only by 7. Since we lost the game, do you think it was a good idea to give upset fans a weapon? Just a thought. Good thing I had the 2 flags we were given so Raymond could not use it to take out his frustration. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Lucky One

Tuesday night I stayed up till 12:30 to finish The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I have always liked his books and it seems he always has a book come out around the end of September or first of October, which always makes a great birthday gift. Nichols Sparks books and ones by John Grisham are the 2 authors that I pretty much read every book they write. I am not in to nonfiction books, but to be honest I am not sure what type of books I am in to. I like to read but I wonder why I don't make more time to do so. I currently have 2 books on my night stand, both by Grisham. My favorite book is to Kill a Mockingbird but I have not read it since high school.

Anyway, The Lucky One was ok. I had gotten mad at the last book he wrote while reading it, The Choice. If you read Nichols Sparks books you know how he likes to have the main characters die on you or makes you wait till the last page to find out if the main character is alive or dead. But, in the latest book.....I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Anyway, I get so drawn into his books that all I do is read till I finish it. I got this on Saturday, I even started reading it in the checkout line at Sam's. Maybe I should make more time to read. Funny, I say that about my other hobbies as well (scrapbooking and sewing).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Patch - Part 1

Tonight our Sunday School Class along with another class at church meet for some fellowship and family fun at Priddy Farms. We went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins and then had dinner with our friends. We had a great time with our friends and church family.

Family Pictures

The girls and their pumpkin's

Abby playing

Allie getting ready to go down the slide

Allie and Ammie on the barrel train - Allie jumped out shortly after this picture was taken, she rode the next time with Laura Beth.

Allie riding with Laura Beth

Abby with McKenzie

Some of the kids from our Reach Group playing in the dirt.

Kessler, Abby, Allie, Kingston and Wilson

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I should have posted this earlier when I was posting but I wanted to see what my day would hold. I did not go to work today because Abby had (has) a fever so I was able to get a few things done at home. This afternoon, I received my happy birthday call from Jon Molturie (which if you are in our Sunday School Class you know what I am talking about and it is something I think we all look forward to each year). My best friend asked me to play Bunco with her Bunco group and I got a card from my mom & dad and Meemaw. And finally my Tigers got the win at UAB and Raymond is taking me to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. So I had a great birthday today!

Here are some pictures from tonight. Me blowing out my candle in the best chocolate pie ever
Jennifer in a roll off for the lowest score prize.
The prize winners-most big bunco's, lowest bunco's and most bunco's
My friend Kelly and my bunco partner for the evening.