Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pouncer Pal's Walk Around

Saturday was the annual Pouncer Pal's Walk Around before the A-State game. I think I enjoyed the walk around more than my kids. When we got to Toby Field we passed an inflated Pouncer. We took the girls over and took their picture with the inflated Pouncer and off to the pre-game picnic we went.

Raymond and Shawn eating (sorry Shawn for the picture)

Abby & Allie
Laural & McKenzie

Getting ready to go into the Stadium. Abby was not a happy little girl, it was too loud for her. I had ear plugs for her, which did the trick by the time we got to our seats. Allie really enjoyed it as well. While waiting outside the tunnel Allie told us she had to go potty. Of course there is no where to go potty at this point in time. I had packed an extra diaper in our bag just in case we had to have one for some reason, in addition to the entire change of clothes for both girls (yes they are potty trained, but you never know when something will go wrong and you will need a diaper). So, I whipped out the diaper (actually Laurel got it our of the backpack for me) and put it on her right there. And my wonderful friends (Laurel and Rachel) took pictures of me doing this!

Kessler Baker

View when we walked into the Stadium with the band on the field. We got caught around the 50 yard line for the National Anthem and then were hurried on around the field. It was so much fun. I am already looking for to next year's walk around.

Allie and some Cheerleaders. Abby was holding on to Raymond and would not get down to be in the picture.

Abby did finally get down and walked. I think she had a good time.

At the game, Allie stayed around Keith, she even cried when he went to restroom or to get a drink.
Abby with McKenzie, Look at how much fun they are having.

Pouncer getting after the A-State Red Wolf.

Tigers got the WIN, 29-17. It is now 2 in a row for our Tigers!! GO TIGERS GO! Next up is UAB at UAB on Thursday night. (Watch the game on College CBS Sports)
As we were leaving Abby was waving her pom-pom and shouting Go Tigers. Allie fell asleep not long after getting in the car to go to Meemaw's house. We had a great family weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Barlett Festival

Tonight we took the girls to the Bartlett Festival. (If your husband is the guys Bible study on Friday night, this is were Raymond was tonight) We saw some old friends from college and their little boy, who the girls ran up and down a hill with while we talked. The girls really enjoyed the trolley bus ride from the McDonald's parking lot to the festival.

At the fair the girls rode the Carousel, the car-go-round, and Abby & Raymond rode the hot air balloon ride. Allie got scared at the last minute and got off before it started. After the rides we walked over to the real hot air balloons. They had tethered rides there. Allie said she wanted to go up, so I bought our tickets and Allie picked out the balloon she wanted to go up in and in line we got. She got in the basket, held on to me and covered her ears and up we went. She lifted her head and looked around for a minute. She had such a smile on her face when we landed.



Hot Air Balloon Ride-right before Allie got out

Hot Air Balloons

Abby asked Tinker Bell if she was a Fairy Princess. There were booths at the Festival and one of them was from Glitz & Glam, this is were Tinker Bell was.

Not sure what is up with Abby's, maybe the pumpkin she is sitting on...
When we got back to our car we walked over to McDonald's and had ice cream. Once we got home and ready for bed, the girls went right off to sleep. We had a great time tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday when I got home from work I opened by front door and this what I found. My Shutterfly package opened and distroyed and 66 of my 113 photo's missing. I usually get excited to see a Shutterfly package but yesterday all I could say was "oh no". I called Shutterfly and they are sending out all of my prints to me again. Yeah!! I am happy it was not my photobook.

This is the bottom of the package, look closely you can see thru the envelope in the top picture.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Llama Llama Red Pajama & Football

Saturday I took the girls to Davis Kidds to hear Anna Dewdney read her Llama Llama books. We love Llama Llama Red Pajama and I have ordered Llama Llama Mad at Momma. We were joined by our friends Ainsley and Ammie (Randy & Cal came to). All the girls did well for having to sit still for an extended period of time. After listening to the stories and watching the author draw some llamas we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. When we got there, I parked by a car that looked a lot like Keith & Kelly's (brother & SIL), it was them. So the girls got to see Uncle Keith, Aunt Kelly and Tessa as well.

Reading Llama Llama Red Pajama.

Ammie and Ainsley

Playing at Chick-fil-a

Saturday night our babysitters had a home football game as well (they are Ole Miss fans) so we took the girls to the football game. Allie did great, she enjoyed it very much and loved sitting by Tessa and listening to Raymond's radio like Tessa was doing with Keith's. She kept asking for cotton candy and to go to the fair. I kept saying maybe next week. Abby, was a totally different story. She kept her fingers in her ears the entire time and begged me to take her home or to Meemaw's. Every time people would cheer she would ask if it was time to go. She was very frightened, so we get the bad parents awards for not leaving and making her stay. She did fall asleep during the 3rd qtr and we left with about 9 minutes tp go in the game. We are going to go again next week for the Pouncer Pals Party & Walk Around before the game. She wants to go to the Party but not the game. SO I am not sure what we will do yet... Althought she has told Rachel that she will go to party and the game.

Before the game at home.

Look how tall my baby is getting.

Bye-Bye Pool

Raymond putting up the pool this past week with a little help from the girls.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Happenings

I bought the girls new backpacks today, gotta love Disney Store Clearance! They match their lunch boxes so I was very lucky in getting them. They have 2 other smaller backpacks but I am having troubling getting all their school stuff in the small ones. They played with these backpacks all afternoon long.

Abby playing baby with Allie. She is laying in her baby doll pack-n-play.

Tonight's dinner was Mac & Cheese. Abby made herself a Mac & Cheese Sandwich. It was a mess.

Today while walking in the Target parking lot, the three of us were holding hands and Abby was in the middle. She looks over at me and says swing me. Which is what Raymond and I do when we are both holding one of the girls hands. She wanted me and Allie to swing her.

This afternoon Abby took off this beaded necklace and laid it down. Allie picked it up and put it on. Abby starts to cry and tells me that Allie took her gold medal.

Abby laid out her blanket and placed these cards around it. When I asked her what the cards were doing she told me they were sitting at the table.

Today my children called me a Silly Grownup.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly wrap-up

Not a lot has went on this week. The girls went to school and I went to work. Last Sunday I went to the Germantown Festival with Kimmer. We had a great time but totally miss judge the time it would take to get there and back to our car. But I really enjoyed going.

Tomorrow we have 2 birthday parties to go to. Kyle's in the morning, (my best friend Jennifer's little boy), and MacKenzie's (Laural's daughter). Plus I have plans in the morning and girls night tomorrow night, maybe.

We are in the process of taking the pool down for the fall and winter. It turned green on us Check Spellingwhen we stopped getting in it and running the filter. It took about 2-4 days to get real gross. Anyway, we have drained it and tonight we got the rest of the water out and moved it over to dryer grass (how dry can it be when 1500 gallons of water has been drained on it). It smells so bad in our backyard. Plus we have a round section of dead grass in the backyard. Hopefully we can get the pool liner to dry out in the next few days and get it rolled up and put in the attic.

I have been sewing some this week for my friend Laural's daughter MacKenzie. I have ordered some fabric off of Ebay and hopefully I will make the girls some neat things for Christmas. I sometimes think that I would like to sew instead of working in a office all day. maybe one day.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday

Tonight starts the Fantasy Football Season. I checked my score because my defense (Giants) is playing. I see my score and run outside to where Raymond is working on my car and tell him, "I have 11 points already." He looks at me and says, "They start you off with 12. And take away as your team gives up points, etc". Thanks baby! I finished with 4 points from my defense.

Raymond fixed my car speaker covers tonight . The back window speakers turned to dust. If you touched them they just feel part. He replaced them with a little help from Mr. Keith down the street and Michael from across the street and a little help from Abby. She stayed outside with Raymond the entire time he worked except when he ran the vacuum.

I am sitting here listening to John McCain speak at the RNC. Last night someone "crashed" Palin's speech and once again someone was disrespectful and interrupted McCain's speech (not the chantting of USA and applause, the other rude behavior). I watched Obama's speech and don't remember anyone doing that to him. Looks like that Democrat needs a lesson in how to respect others, even if you don't agree with them. I am so excited about McCain's VP's choice of Sarah Palin. She is a woman I can get behind. I enjoyed hearing her speak last night. It will be interesting to see how the next 60+ days will play out. It will definitely be historic for our country. I know that there are people out there that read by blog that will disagree with my political views and that is ok. We need each other to challenge each other to make this country better, we also must work together to make it better as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Dresses

I saw this style of dress in a boutique clothing line online and I thought I can make that. So, here what I made. I bought the fabric in San Francisco at Britex Fabrics and the pumpkins online. I hope the girls like it as much as I do.

The 1st Days of School

The girls are going to school 4 days this fall and I am working 3 days and at home by myself one day and at home with the girls one day. I am testing the water to see if I want to or if I am ready to go back to work. I have worked part time since April back at the Kidney Foundation. I cut back in July but have worked a little more in August. I was given a full time job offer but I know that I am not ready to work full time just quite yet. So I am testing the waters to see if I can do this. I think one reason I had such a hard time in the spring was I had no time to myself to get things done, like going to the grocery store, clean the house, keep things in order, etc. Those simple errands are much harder when you have 2 little ones with you. It is harder to think what you need and make sure you get everything, even on a good behavior day, when you have 4 little hands reaching for things or messing with each other. I have struggled a lot with whether or not I should go back to work even part time. A dear friend reminded me, that kids thrive when mom stays at home and kids thrive when they are in daycare. If it does not work you can always quite. Raymond had always left it up to me if I wanted to go back now or later. I have enjoyed putting the past 3 events together. I have started to lay the ground work for their biggest event in November. Most people know I am very organized and I think that is one reason I do so well at planning these events.

Well, back to the post topic, first days of school. On Monday's (after speech) and Thursday the girls are going to MDO at First Evan. It is close to my work and they have 2 friends in their class, Skylar and Hazel Grace. On Tuesday and Friday they go to Christ Church in Bartlett. They have went here for the past 2 years and really enjoy it. Today was the first day at Christ Church MDO for the fall, they had a good day. My little girls are growing up so fast.