Sunday, March 30, 2008

Go Tigers Go!!

The Tigers are going to the Final Four in San Antonio!!!!! We are all very happy for our Tigers. I am doing pretty good with my bracket challenge as well. As of this morning Raymond and I were ahead by 1, but with the Tigers win we should pull away a little more. Anyway, we watched the game this afternoon at home.

This morning during church I was holding Allie on the back of the seat in front of us and we were singing Blessed be the Lord (which is one of my favorite songs) and Allie was singing along. She does not know the words but hearing her try to sing the song was so sweet. The girls are so cute when they sign. I love to hear them sing.

I had the Multiples club Clothing sale this weekend. We were really busy Saturday and it was a long day. I was very tired last night and still am today. I did sell most of my stuff. I took 6 bins/boxes and everything I came home with could fit in one bin. I sold our baby bed, which was a little sad but the couple that bought it is having twins girls and I sold our pack-n-plays as well. One went to a couple at church with twin boys and the other at the sale. Anyway, Abby asked about it Saturday night. She was having a hard time letting them go. I kept telling her that they have sleeping bags and that they are too big for a pack-n-play. They have not been in it for over 7 months. I need to go thru what is left to see what I can sell at the Highland sale in a few weeks. I am also looking forward to going back thru what I purchased. The girls have already enjoyed playing with some of their new clothes. I hope they fit, if not off to The Children's Place I will go.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

As of the end of last weekend Raymond & I are in first place in our Annual Homebuilders NCAA Bracket Challenge. We are only ahead by 1 point!! Raymond's West Region is shot - he has no teams left in this region. My West Region only has one miss. I have my Tigers going all the way, so I hope we will. If so we might win this year.

We watched Sunday's game vs. Miss State and it was too close for comfort for me. I am kinda glad that I have the Everything for Kids Sale this Friday night so I will not be sooooooooooo nervous watching the game. I was walking in and out during the last few minutes of Sunday's game. I will not be able to call to get a scoring update because Raymond does not know how to behave when watching a TIGER ballgame :) He gets mad at me when I call to get a scoring update. We play Michigan State around 9 on Friday night.

Anyway, GO TIGERS GO!!!

Bedtime Drama

Tonight at bedtime I realized that I forgot Allie's purple blanket at MDO. Thankfully it was not her baby doll. I would have had to go and get it right now. Anyway, I tried to let her pick out another blanket - that did not work -she starts crying for her purple blanket and runs from her room to find Raymond. And Abby keeps reminding me that Allie needed her purple blanket. Thankfully Allie was sleepy (no nap at MDO) and is still feeling bad that I was able to clam her down enough to get her to go to sleep. I guess we will be going to MDO tomorrow to get her blanket.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I woke up this morning to some noise in the living room. It was 6:59am. The clock goes off at 7, I get up and it is Abby playing with the goodies the Easter Bunny had left. She had emptied both baskets. The favorite item that the Bunny left was a toy fishing pole and ocean fish. The girls take Raymond's belt or theirs and pretend to fish. So the Easter bunny knew what to bring them. I put the M&M's up for later.

Allie had a rough night as well, she did not sleep well again. She slept till 8 this morning.

New Easter Outfits: I made the bows :)

Happy Easter!!! Egg hunting at home. After lunch I hid eggs (twice) and the girls went to find them. They had so much fun.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt & Dying Eggs

Today we went to the egg hunt at church. I think we had a good time. They girls were afraid of the Easter Bunny for the first time ever. Allie's nose ran nonstop the entire time and she has a slight cough and runny nose. I will give her some Benadryl before bedtime and hope that helps.

We took a picnic lunch and ate with the Barber's and Spelling's. They both have children the same age as the girls and I know the girls had fun running around with Kingston and Aimee.

Time for Easter candy!

This is as close as Allie would get to the Bunny. It is closer than Abby would get.

After their nap we dyed eggs for the first time. I really wish I had a bar counter top so I could have gotten better pictures. Anyway, the girls had a fun and kept asking for more eggs to dye. Now I have to figure out what to do with 11 hard boiled eggs... any ideas...(We don't like deviled eggs). I will hid these tomorrow after lunch for girls to find in the backyard. Meemaw is coming over for lunch after church. I am cooking a real lunch: chicken & dressing, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes. Meemaw is bring a cake and rolls. Yummy!!!

The girls got to use this egg holding tool that I remember my mom using when we dyed eggs as kids. They really got the hang of using the egg dying tool. It is a wire one that you can not see here.

The girls painting glitter on the eggs.

Abby's eggs

Allie's eggs

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crafts I've been working on

Here is the Birthday Can I've been working on for a while. It is a paint can that I covered with paper. My plan is to use the can on our birthday's. We can each put something in the can that we want to do or a place to go eat and on our birthday we can draw and go to place we have chosen.

Here is the cookie I made for our Selection Sunday party. Go Tigers Go! I will keep you posted on how I do on my picks and the Homebuilders Challenge. So far I have gotten one right, the play-in game.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mommy Moment

This morning while I was mopping up the unknown sticky substance on our living room floor, the girls were watching The Wonder Pets. Abby knows all the words to their songs. "The phone is ringing...the phone is ringing...there's an animal in trouble somewhere" and "what's gonna work, team work, what's gonna work, team work" it is so cute to hear her sing. She knew every word of their songs. Allie is getting there. She most of the words to the songs as well.

It was one of those moments that make remind you how blessed we are to be parents. I am trying to catch them on video signing but every time I get the camera out they want to look at the screen so I can never get a video of them. I'll keep trying....

Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness is Here

That's right March Madness is here and I am busy filling out my brackets for the Annual Homebuilders Class Bracket Challenge. This is one of my favorite things we do as a class. It shows that you don't have to know anything about basketball to do well. I think I over analyze my picks way to much. Raymond has taught me well.

We had a Selection Sunday Party last night at the Baker's. It was great to visit with some people from our Sunday School class that are not in our Reach Group. We are really blessed to have such a great Sunday School Class.

The other great thing about March Madness is the TIGERS are a #1 seed this year. We play Friday night in Little Rock. We should do well in Little Rock. We may have to play Texas in Houston if both teams make it to the sweet sixteen. Does that sound fair??? It has happened for the past 2 years that the Tigers have to play a team in their home state. Last year the Tigers played Texas A&M in San Antonio...the year before we played UCLA in CA....See what I mean. We have a great team and we look forward to bragging about how great our TIGERS are.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our trip to the Zoo

Today we met some friends at the Zoo. It is so pretty here today, high 70. I saw so many people that I knew today.

We got there about 10:30. We saw the giraffes, zebras, and elephants. While at the elephants I saw a mom of a little boy that is in the girls MDO class and we started talking. Next thing I knew Allie had gotten her head stuck in the fence between two iron poles. She could not get her head out and was starting to panic. So was I!! I know I should not have paniced as well but.... anyway. The people who work at the zoo were great! They brought this hook over and latched it over her head where she was stuck. The hook was attached to a cord that when pulled made the bar pull away so she could get her head out. The Zoo worker said that what they were using was very strong and they use it for something with the elephants. Even the elephants came over to watch.

There were so many people around, I was so embarrassed. I had my friends there who helped with Abby because honestly I could not think about her while I was inside the elephant fence trying to clam Allie down. There was this really nice lady that held Allie on the outside so I could be on the inside and look at her. I had a friend who told there were some teenagers taking pictures of it so they could put it on their blogs :) I had to fill out an incident report. Jamie and Ainsley said they thought they should have taken a picture of it. Now I can say I wish they had. I need to take a picture of Allie's neck where she has the marks from the fence. I even had Ainsley call Raymond and he came from work. He was not as mad at me as I though he would have been. He just told me not to get upset because it upsets them. Which Iknow this, but at the time....

Oh yeah, when she got out she said, "I free, I free."

Who would have thought it would have been Allie and not Abby. But we are all at home right now tring hard not to take a much needed nap.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dresses for the girls

Blue A-line dresses I made for the girls. I want to get a friend to monogram their initials on the front for me. I lined these with white fabric.

Snow Pictures

Snow Pictures!!!
Friday afternoon playing while it is snowing.

Saturday morning - it comes up to the top of the girls booths!

Our sad snowmen- as the girls tried to add more snow to the snowmen, they started to fall over.

I decided to make a snow angel. Abby made one as well. I tried to get Raymond to take a picture of her making it but he was a little to slow. Allie was not about to lay down in the wet cold snow.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Playing in the snow

It snowed Friday!!! Here are suppose to be pictures of the girls playing Friday while it was snowing and then playing in the snow on Saturday, but I am having major trouble uploading pictures thru Blogger. So I am so sorry I don't have pictures posted yet. I have tried for 2 days to upload. I will keep trying.

Allie loved being out in it Friday and Saturday. Friday she walked around the back yard just giggling about it.

Saturday Raymond and the girls threw snow at each other and the girls thought it was funny. They enjoyed it so much. Saturday afternoon after it had almost melted away, Abby told Raymond that winter was over and spring was coming. And proceeded to put on her bathing suit from last year and run a round our house. Of course Allie followed in her suit.

Friday, March 7, 2008


It is March 7th and we are just now having out first snow of the season. I know I have family and friends in St. Louis who have had lots of snow this year, but are just now haivng our first of this winter. This past Sunday it was in the 70's.

It started sleeting about 1:45ish and now has turned into snow. It is so pretty. We are suppose to get any where from 1-6 inches. You know the weather guys give us a big range. It is already covering my grass and up next to the fence under the trees. If it snows this hard till midnight like they say it will, we will have inches. I am looking forward to taking pictures in the morning of the girls out in it. (Yes mom I will post them tomorrow).

Going to get the mail after MDO.

Super Bunnies

That is what the girls were playing last night. I pinned an old receiving blanket around their necks as a cape, they wore a hat that I had bought last year at a consignment sale and off they went. They went running thru the house saying Super Bunny and Hop, Hop, Hop. I have a video of this but I can not get it to open so I could download, but I have pictures of them to post.

Here is a picture of a picnic they had the other day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CRAZY Weather

Sunday and Monday were very spring like here in Memphis. But if you don't like spring, just wait winter will be back in a few hours. And winter was back on Monday afternoon when it rained and turned cold. Then we had SNOW on Tuesday. It did not stick but it was pretty falling. When we got to MDO Allie kept sticking out her tounge to try to catch the snow. Another mom asked Allie if she caught any snow with her tounge and she told her she caught some "with my hair".

Funny Little Girls

Any time we go under an overpass on the interstate the girls say they are going in a tunnel. It is cute and I play along. Sunday on the way to church Abby would tell Allie to duck her head when they went thru the "tunnel". Not sure way but it is cute.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bow Board

Here is a picture of the bow board I made for the girls hair bows. It was really easy to do. I got the idea from
Material needed: one canvas board (I used 16x20), 1 yard fabric (I have enough left to cover a second board), 2 yds ribbon, and a glue gun.