Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

The girls are in MDO this summer. Being in school over a Holiday means they get to make treats for that Holiday. Well for Father's Day they filled out these question/comment sheets about their daddy. Here is what our lovely children had to say about dear ole dad.

My dad is special because.... He lets me help him on jobs. He always gives me lots of love.
I like it when my dad....blows up balloons.
I like to make my dad smile by....seeing me.
My dad's favorite thing to do is ....build things.
My dad is smart. He even knows....everything.
I think my dad is...beautiful.

Abby's comments are in blue bold.
My dad is the most wonderful dad in the world. He is handsome as me. His hair is black. His eyes are green. He works hard doing picking up caterpillars. At home he likes to watch TV. He likes to eat whatever he wants. He hates to eat spinach. I think he looks funny when he is scary. When my dad get angry with me he always kiss me. but I love him anyway! He's always special to me because he loves me. I have the most wonderful dad in the whole world!

Allie's turn.
My dad is special because...he plays golf, baseball and fishing (I'm not sure who she talking about)
I like is when my dad...works and plays games
I like to make my dad smile by...making funny faces and playing hide-n-go seek with me
My dad's favorite thing to do is...work and help me clean up
My dad is smart. He even knows...how to work on the roof.
I think my dad is....cool

My dad is the most wonderful dad in the world. He is handsome as work. His hair is brown. His eyes are brown. He works hard doing feed me. At home he likes to run inside. He likes to eat cake and cheeseburgers. He hates to eat chicken. I think he looks funny when he laughs. When my dad gets angry with me he always spanks me. But I love him anyway. He's always special to me because he likes me. I have the most wonderful dad in the whole world.

I am not sure where some of these answers came from but others see to hit the nail on the head!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Green

We try to do what we can at our house to help protect the planet, I carry reusable grocery bags, we recycle, I try to remember to turn off the lights, even though Raymond may disagree. Our AC went out Saturday night and we got it fixed this morning. I had to do some laundry and did not want to use the dryer since the house was still trying to cool off, so I laid every thing outside to dry. It has been so HOT here the past few days, 98 and 99 degrees. It only took about an hour and half for the towels to dry. Here is a picture of our towels drying outside. I did 2 loads today and I think I will do the rest of our laundry tomorrow.

Swimming Fun

Sunday night was swim night for our Reach Group. My little girls went straight to the diving board. Abby jumping while Allie is watching.

Allie jumping

Raymond, Adam, Chris and Baby Camden



Hannah got to go with us. She was suppose to have a sleep over at our house after we went swimming but since our AC went out we has a sleep over at Meemaw's house. (AC is fixing now).
Hannah is looking more and more like Rachel.

Summer Fun

The girls cousin, Hannah, was staying at Meemaw's this week. Meemaw brought her out on Wednesday and girls played in the water and tried to get some sun. After swimming for a while we went to Stevi B's for lunch.

Saturday night Raymond and I went out for a while and the girls went to play with Hannah again at Meemaw's. Here is Abby getting a make over.

Father's Day lunch at Steak-n-Shake.

Playing on the computer

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ariel Dresses

Weekend in Savannah

This past weekend the girls and I went home to Savannah. Both Abby and I got our hair cut.

On the way back to my parents house we stopped by the "beach" at Pickwick to let the girls play for a minute. They were sad that I did not bring their suits, they wanted to play in the water.

The girls walking with my dad

Friday on our way to my parents house it was really stormy here in Memphis. We lost part of both of our trees. Here is what is left of one of our trees. Our street is lined with tree limbs.

June Pictures

Here are some of the things we've been doing this summer beside swimming.

Playing with our friend Ryan.

Making chocolate covered strawberry's

Playing Pirates (who don't do anything)

Playing at the park in Arlington

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Raymond

Today is Raymond's birthday. Abby asked me if was 24. I said no he is 34, she then asked 44?
Here is a picture of us before we went to Myles & Lauren's wedding Saturday night.

This was taken on Mother's Day.

Here is the much talked about Star Wars cake the girls wanted him to have. Raymond wanted a bunt cake so we added the Star Wars Yo-yo's to make it Star Wars Cake.

Myles & Lauren's Wedding

Saturday night Raymond and I went to his cousin's Myles' wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. (Abby asked me today what a reception was. I told her it was the party after the wedding. She told me that when she got married she would have a party.) The wedding was at the Woodruff-Fountaine house in Memphis. Leslie watched the girls for us while we went to the wedding. Here we are right before we left the house.

Greg, Myles brother, read a passage during the wedding.

First Dance - You can see the joy on the Bride's face

Myles and Rita (his mom, Raymond's cousin)

Going to weddings always remind me of my wedding. I know it was only 10 years ago but in some ways it seems forever ago and in other ways it seems like it was just last week. I think I might have to go pull out my wedding pictures :)

Summer Has Begun!!

1st Summer Play date at Kingston's House
The girls making trail mix

Waiting for lunch with Kingston

Our Sunday School Class held our annual Memorial Day Cookout Sunday night at the Tucker's. Here is Allie, she was so hot

Abby cooling off with a Popsicle

I could not resist posting this picture of Camden, Kingston's little brother. He is so cute!