Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disney Photo Books

I have finally finished our Disney trip albums and putting some pictures in a frame. It only took 2 months. I did a 12x12 album on Shutterfly and then did autograph books for the girls.
Some of the pages in the girls autograph books

These were taken outside Babies R Us on Monday.

The Many Faces of Allie

Allie as a penguin ~ Mothers Day Out Project

Allie leaving the mall Monday with her reuseable Toy Story Shopping bag

Hinding in the computer room closet being silly

Jessie Dolls

Abby wanted a Jessie Doll from Toy Story 2 for Christmas. I had already bought all of the girls Christmas gifts so she did not get one. She still wanted it after Christmas so I told her she could save her Christmas money and buy one after Christmas. We found one Monday on the Disney Store's website. We took a little trip to the mall to see if they had a Jessie doll. They did not have one so we came home and ordered Jessie.
Well Jessie came today. When we got home from school Abby went running to see if UPS had brought her box. They had not, so we went inside for a snack. As they were finishing up their snack Abby saw the UPS truck stop at our house. I opened the front door as the UPS guy was walking up the sidewalk. Abby could not stand, she was jumping up and down.

Allie chose to purchase a smaller Jessie doll and her horse, Bullseye with her money on Monday while we were at the Disney Store. She has been sleeping with them since then.

Minnie Mouse Sugar Cookies

Last Saturday the girls and I made Minnie Mouse sugar cookies. I found a set of Minnie and Mickey shaped cookie cutters on clearance at Target so I thought this would be a great little project for us to do.

Here is Abby & Allie rolling out the cookie dough

They thought it was fun to eat cookie dough...feed each other cookie dough

Cookie cutters

Cookies in the oven

Iced Cookies ~ Violet & Pink

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday School Fill in the Blank

When Jesus healed Bartimaeus' eyes, he could see__________

Abby: his flying skateboard and his friend the ladybug.

Allie: the color of the rainbow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fantasy Football Season Wrap-up

I started this Fantasy Football season off great I had 9 wins in a row, then I lost 5 in a row. I went from 1st to 4th in about 4 weeks. I finished the playoffs in 3rd which is MUCH better than last years next to last place.

Rachel Baker ~ this season's winner

Our league minus Sara, Nat, and Tonia

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow/Cold Day

Thursday we had snow....well a dusting of snow. Just enough to cancel school for the day but not enough for snowball fights or very good snow angels. Although the girls tried each!

Abby cleaning off my car to get enough snow to make a snowball.
Snow Angels

Allie trying to get me with a snowball

Friday was too cold to go anywhere, it was about 19 degrees on Friday. So indoor crafts it was. I cleaned out the laundry closet and found some stamps and ink pads for the girls to use.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Building Prayer Service

Sunday afternoon we had a prayer service at our new building to pray for what we will been done at our new building. Then we were able to write scripture on the concert in the main entrance/common area, we want to build our building on God's Word.

The girls wrote their name on the floor as well. My scripture was Proverbs 16:3 and Raymond's was Romans 8:38.

It is exciting to know this is were our girls will grow up and go through the Children's Ministry and then move into the Youth Group and graduate high school and go off to college. I pray the friends they make at church will be the best friends they have and they will have those friends for life.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I want/need to do in the New Year

January To Do List:

1. Go through and clean out my scrapbook items. What I no longer want or use put in the Eclectica Garage Sale.

2. Clean out the following closets
- Bathroom Linen
- Hall
- My bedroom
- Computer Room
- Girls
- Coat
- Laundry

3. Go through Computer Desk
4. Clean out cabinets under our bathroom sink
5. Clean out hall bath room sink cabinets
6. Clean off Computer Room book shelf

I have already cleaned out: the pantry, bakers rack & table in kitchen, top of the fridge, and the girls art/craft supplies.

I also want to redo the girls room and make it a more grown-up and move them from toddler beds to big girl twin beds.

I want to make our computer room into more of a craft/computer room.

We have also talked about adding on to our patio with paver stones.

Hopefully it will all get done at some point this year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

This year on New Year's Eve we went over to the Spellings' home for dinner and games. This is the first year we have gone somewhere for New Year's Eve since the girls were born. That sounds kinds sad... Anyway, the girls had fun with their friends.

Raymond playing the Wii

Sorry the video is sideways...still interesting to watch