Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jessie Dolls

Abby wanted a Jessie Doll from Toy Story 2 for Christmas. I had already bought all of the girls Christmas gifts so she did not get one. She still wanted it after Christmas so I told her she could save her Christmas money and buy one after Christmas. We found one Monday on the Disney Store's website. We took a little trip to the mall to see if they had a Jessie doll. They did not have one so we came home and ordered Jessie.
Well Jessie came today. When we got home from school Abby went running to see if UPS had brought her box. They had not, so we went inside for a snack. As they were finishing up their snack Abby saw the UPS truck stop at our house. I opened the front door as the UPS guy was walking up the sidewalk. Abby could not stand, she was jumping up and down.

Allie chose to purchase a smaller Jessie doll and her horse, Bullseye with her money on Monday while we were at the Disney Store. She has been sleeping with them since then.

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