Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Couponing to Disney

I read the blog http://www.couponingtodisney.com/.  It is a great way to find deals to save you money.

Back in March I submitted the autograph clipboards I made for the girls for our 1st Disney trip to the website when she asked for autograph book ideas.  I made her blog!!!  Here is the link to the post where my clipboards are listed  http://www.couponingtodisney.com/2011/05/28/disney-training-more-autograph-books-from-the-readers/

I am currently working on getting our Disney pictures uploaded and my daily trip notes together so I can begin posting about our trip. I hope to start posting about our trip tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Terrific Kid

Each class at school picks one kid from their class 5 times a year to a Terrific Kid. She was so excited to be picked.  We had been telling her that even if she was not picked she could work very hard in first grade and maybe she would get chosen next year.  We did not know how you get picked for this so I had Abby ask her teacher how do you become terrific kid.  Her teacher said you have to work hard in class and follow the rules.  During the ceremony today the Kwania's representative said that every teacher has a different way of picking their terrific kid. Allie was excited for her sister and is currently talking about how hard she will work next year to become a terrific kid. (although I think Allie is terrific anyway)

Durning the ceramony the kids get a certificate, a T-shirt and bumper sticker. Abby is very excited about her t-shirt and the bumper sticker.

Waiting for the ceramony to start...

Ms. McNary helping Abby put her T-shirt

Checking out her certificate

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Monday our cat, Kitty, starting showing signs of being sick, by early Monday evening she was really sick.  She was very lethargic, had not eaten or had water all day, got sick and gotten stuck in the bathtub.  She would walk a little and stop and lay down and would cry all the time.  She had been crying a lot more lately but we just thought she was getting old and fussy.  At one point I put my hand under her head and body and pulled her out from under our bed and she did not fight me or move when I did so.  I picked her up and put her on her pillow at the foot of our bed and she just cried when I picked her up.  She was a very sick kitty.  She did not move much during the night and only got up once and I had to help her back up on the bed. 

Tuesday morning I called the Vet and took her in.  She had an infection, dehadyated, the beginning of kidney failure and something was causing her kidneys to press down on her colon and make it have a different shape than what it was suppose to have.  We had to decide if we wanted to treat her and hope the treatments worked or put her down.  I cried all afternoon and went back and forth about what to do, I am still second guessing what we decide to do.  I did not want her to be in pain while we tried to figure out what was causing her issues, and if the treatments did not work we would be back in this same position within a few days.  We decided to end her pain and not have her suffer anymore.  Kitty was between 15 and 16 years old.  Tuesday ranks up there as one of the worst days ever!  I have had Kitty with me when I was trying to have a baby and did not know if I would be able to.....I had Kitty with me when I cried when Raymond had cancer.....I had Kitty love on me when times were good and bad.  Kitty was mine and the girls first pet.   We will miss her very much!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

June Bugs and Butterflies

I love the shirts we got for the girls for field day!  First they are purple and not orange like one of the other grades.  The back of the shirts were different for each class. 

Ms. Johns June Bugs

Abby's name is to the left of Reid's name and a little small

Ms. Beckwith's Butterflies ~ Allie's name is the second from the bottom in the first column

Allie said field day was Awesome! and she Loves her shirt.

Field Day

Friday was Field Day at the girls school.  It rained over night and early Friday morning so they moved some events inside and had to cancel others.  I was kinda relived about that but once I saw how much fun the kids were having I wished we could have been outside.  It was too muddy outside even thou it had quit raining.  I did not take my camera but I had my phone.  Some of the pictures did not come out very well. 

Here is Abby waiting for the games to start

Abby doing the crab walk

Allie is in the center with her class. I helped with Abby's class since I am the main room mom for her class.  Plus Allie's class had lots of helpers.  There was only 1 race that the girls ended up "competing" against. 

Allie in the rolling cart race

Back in the classroom doing quite center.  look at how grown up she looks.

Ms. Johns June Bugs

Final School Projects

Our last project of the year was to create an ocean animal. It was to be a 3D ocean animal at least 18 by 24 inches in size and stuffed. I let the girls pick there animals; Abby picked a seahorse and Allie picked a leather back sea turtle.

Abby painting her Sea Horse

Allie painting her turtle

Finished Ocean Animals

This project was a little stressful for me for some reason.  It could have been the fact that the paint for Abby's sea horse did not cover the brown paper. It all worked out in the end and the color turned out fine for her sea horse. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Disney Crafts

I have been quite busy getting items together for April in Arlington that I did a week ago but not to busy to make my girls some new items for our upcoming Disney vacation. 

Repunzel Pillowcase Dress Tops (I have fabric and will be happy to make a dress for you for $20, just post a comment with your email address and I will contact you)

I sewed on a Mickey Band on my camera strap

Shirt I made for a friends little girl

Travel journal for the girls

Another pillowcase dress tops for breakfast at O'hana

Dress for Ecpot (or Apricot as silly Allie miss called it the other day)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Friday the girls came home from school with gifts for me for Mother's Day.  Allie had a flower in a pot with her hand print on it and a little hands saying.  Abby had a portrait of me and her hand print.  They are so cute.  My camera battery is dead and recharging so I will have to post those later, although I did get them posted in Facebook Friday afternoon while waiting for Abby to finish tennis practice. 

My Mother's Day traditation is getting a picture with my girls.  We tried before church but Allie could not find her Repunzel sunglasses and needed help finding them and Raymond was....well see the last picture in the post, he was texting instead of helping find the sunglasses :)  So we took the picture after church and inside for some reason....

Abby waiting so patiently....

Finally a good picture

texting dad....

Baton Recital

Tuesday night was Allie's Baton Recital.  The group she is in preformed along with some solo girls and another group from New Hope Christian School.

Champions Baton Club

Father Daughter Baton Catch
They did not win but Allie loved it anyway!

The girls watching someone else preform


Allie & Ms. April our coach (a former UofM golden girl) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Reveal....

We have been telling the girls that we are going on vacation but have not told them where.  We told them that we would tell them on May 1st.  I do believe Abby knew where we were going before we told them.  She would ask questions about where we were going or would say I really want to go to Disney World on vacation.  She is smart little girl but I kept telling her she would have to wait and see on May 1st. 

Here are the clues I placed on the dining room table Saturday night

Post card from Mickey & Minnie sent by a very nice lady from the DisBoards
When I asked Abby to read the card she told me she could not read...the one time I want her to read out loud and she would not.... Oh well....

Countdown Calender, Epcot Passport Books (made from designs from the DisBoards), Framed pictures I got for FREE from Disney (if you want the address of where to send for your free picture leave your email address in the comment section or email me), and Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy tumblers from Tupperware.
We will have someone from each county in the World Showace write a greeting in their country's language as well as answer a few questions regarding each county.  (I making our trip educational as well)

After confirming Abby's guess of where we are going they are such happy girls....