Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Terrific Kid

Each class at school picks one kid from their class 5 times a year to a Terrific Kid. She was so excited to be picked.  We had been telling her that even if she was not picked she could work very hard in first grade and maybe she would get chosen next year.  We did not know how you get picked for this so I had Abby ask her teacher how do you become terrific kid.  Her teacher said you have to work hard in class and follow the rules.  During the ceremony today the Kwania's representative said that every teacher has a different way of picking their terrific kid. Allie was excited for her sister and is currently talking about how hard she will work next year to become a terrific kid. (although I think Allie is terrific anyway)

Durning the ceramony the kids get a certificate, a T-shirt and bumper sticker. Abby is very excited about her t-shirt and the bumper sticker.

Waiting for the ceramony to start...

Ms. McNary helping Abby put her T-shirt

Checking out her certificate

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