Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Backpacks

Back to School means NEW backpacks.  This year I bought the girls backpacks that are suppose to take them from "grade school to grad school".  Abby really wanted a Rapunzel backpack and lunch box but I could not find either at a price I was willing to pay.  I debated about getting the girls more grown up backpacks verse a character one this year.  I know that there will be a day when they no longer want a character backpack so why not buy them while I can.  Since I could not find the Rapunzel one Abby wanted I talked the girls into a pink and a pink floral backpack from LLBean with pink lunchboxes.  They look so cute.

Abby wants to donate her old backpack from last year to someone in need.  So we talked with Ms. Mindy and she is going to take Abby's old Jessie and Minnie Mouse backpack to LaRose Elem for teachers to use as special give-a-ways.  Allie is giving her old Minnie Mouse backpack. 

July 2011

July has been really busy for us. Between working 2 days a week, being up at the church building for Mission Monday and Terrific Tuesday, swimming, repainting the girls room, tagging for the clothing sale and trying to keep up with the laundry time is getting away from us.

Clothing Sale Bins right from the attic, I started with 13 bins and ended up 5 bins to tag and 2 bins of clothes we can still wear and 1 bin of toys that the girls don't want me to part with just yet. 

The girls have spent lots of time fighting, I mean playing on the computer.

Our night in Little Rock. This is the only picture I took of the fun weekend we had in Little Rock. Leslie Irwin and the girls and I went over on a Friday to attend the Festival of Champions Baton competition.  It was fun to watch but the girls were not as into it as I thought they would have been. We bought the over priced t-shirt and now Abby wants to take baton which Allie is upset about...Allie does not want the sibling competition.

My FREE 8x10 canvas print from the Canvas People.  Of course a picture from our trip to Disney.

Terrific Tuesday Water Fun at church!!

Allie coming down...she was not sure about it at first but once she went down she really enjoyed it.
Here comes Abby, she really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Disney Addiction or Just an Extreme Fan

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know I love Disney and would go a lot more than we do if money and time would allow.  I follow a variety of Disney related blogs and facebook pages as well.  This blog post caught my eye last night: 10 Signs you have a Disney Addiction.  According to the blog post I do not have a Disney Addiction, altough Raymond might have a different opinion on that.  I am more of a Disney Extreme Fan according to this blog post on Chip & Co:  "Top 10 Ways to Know If You’re an Extreme Disney Fan"

Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 July 4th Weekend

This July 4th was spent with family and friends.  Saturday morning we went over to Jonesboro to spend some of the weekend with Debbie, Chris and Hannah, Daniel and Rachel were both out of town.  We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool and then had a great dinner grilled by Chris.  Sunday after church and lunch we went swimming again.

Shirts I made for the girls

Abby playing on the iPad instead of watching us shot off fireworks....

Allie enjoying her sparkler until she had a bottle rocket land on her foot!  Raymond through a bottle rocket and it landed on Allie's foot, he did not intend for the bottle rocket to go toward her but it did.  Allie told Raymond Sunday that they needed to talk about what happened. 
Still playing on the iPad......


Monday we went to the Baker's annual 4th of July Pool Party.  We had a great time as usual.  Abby and Allie enjoyed swimming and jumping off the diving board for most of the party.   Allie and Analeigh Mooneyham won the egg toss game.  We look forward to next years fun!

Farmers Market and the Peabody

Last Saturday we took the girls to the Downtown Farmers Market.  We had went last year over Labor Day weekend and lots of fun.  This year we wanted to go earlier in the season this year.  They had lots of vendors and fresh fruit and vegetables. We bought tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and Meemaw bought an eggplant.
Allie found the dogs for adoption, looks like she has found a friend.
After we left the Farmers Market we drove over to the Peabody and watched the ducks come down.

A trip up to the roof
Meemaw and the girls

Inside Lansky's Abby found a toy.  It is a duck on a stick that you can walk, she would have played with it all day had we let her stay there or bought it :)  After the Peabody we walked down to Rio Loco for lunch and then back to Meemaw's.  It was a fun day!!


The girls first sleepover was at Ammie's house over spring break and now that summer is here it is time for us to have Ammie over.  So one Thursday after school Ammie came home us.  I took the girls swimming, to the eye glass place to get Abby's glasses fixed (the broken glasses were not a result of the sleep over) and then home.  At our house they played, had dinner and played some more. They eventually settled into their sleeping bags in the living room and watched movies.  Abby fell asleep first but Ammie and Allie made it til 10!  I think they both would have stayed up longer had the movie not ended and I turned off the TV and lights!

Friday morning they were all up bright and early. When Ainsley came to get Ammie, the girls played with Cal and we all had lunch together.  It was a great sleepover and we hope to do it again soon. 

Father's Day 2011

Raymond and Abby before their Father/Daughter Date

Happy Father's Day!  A Cars card and some Diseny Imagineer's Guide books