Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Backpacks

Back to School means NEW backpacks.  This year I bought the girls backpacks that are suppose to take them from "grade school to grad school".  Abby really wanted a Rapunzel backpack and lunch box but I could not find either at a price I was willing to pay.  I debated about getting the girls more grown up backpacks verse a character one this year.  I know that there will be a day when they no longer want a character backpack so why not buy them while I can.  Since I could not find the Rapunzel one Abby wanted I talked the girls into a pink and a pink floral backpack from LLBean with pink lunchboxes.  They look so cute.

Abby wants to donate her old backpack from last year to someone in need.  So we talked with Ms. Mindy and she is going to take Abby's old Jessie and Minnie Mouse backpack to LaRose Elem for teachers to use as special give-a-ways.  Allie is giving her old Minnie Mouse backpack. 


Holly Aytes said...

I am tired of buying new backpacks every year too so this year the older 2 got llbean backpacks...Madison picked out a cute polka dot one with matching lunch box from gymboree (sure hope it holds up well since it was as expensive as the llbean ones).

The Beatty's said...

LL Bean is awesome! If you ever have a problem...broken zipper, strap, whatever...call them! They sent me a brand new shoulder strap for a duffle bag years after I bought it!