Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pouncer Pals Fall Kick Off Party

Friday night was Pouncer Pals Fall Kick Off Party at The Incredible Pizza Cafe. This is the only time we go to IPC because one, it is crazy pricey for a pizza buffet and then you have to buy a game card to play the fun games and two, the food is not that great, we like Stevi B's Pizza better. Although the chocolate ice cream was yummy. Anyway, Abby really likes it and we all enjoy this Pouncer Pals Party. Here are the girls with Pouncer. He was very interactive and very playful this year.

After dinner it was play time!
Airplane simulator

basketball throw

Coffee Sleeves

My best friend Jennifer's birthday was this past Thursday. About a month again she sent me a blog link where the lady had made coffee cup sleeves out of fabric and asked if I could make one. Of course I said yes. I started out with a Starbucks sleeve. I took it apart and made a pattern from the cardboard sleeve. I added a 1/4 inch on all sides for seem allowance.

I used a stabilizer to make it stiff and give it some form. I also used extra buttons I had and pony tail holders for the button loops.

Once I was finished I made a finished seem around it to hold the pony tail holder in place and give it a little design as well.

Jennifer and her family are going to Disney in October and since I love Disney I had to add to her excitement and make her one our of extra Mickey fabric I had. I again used extra Mickey head buttons that I had.

She was so excited! Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We finally started soccer for this fall. We are playing with Bellevue and had our first 2 practices cancelled due to the heat and the 3rd one was rained out. There looks to be 8 girls on the team of various skill levels. Here are a few pics from our first practice.

Waiting in line to go into school

First full week of school

The girls, Kingston and Makenzie

I have been busy with the clothing sale season the past 2 weeks. I have put clothes into the Everything For Kids Sale and volunteered at the Highland clothing sale. I think I should be finished with clothes for the fall and winter! Now that the fall sale season is over I hope I can get back into sewing and crafting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day of School

Tuesday was the girls first day of Kindergarten! We jumped through all the required hoops and stood in line over night to get the girls into Richland Elementary through open enrollment with the City Schools. Here are most of the girls school supplies and their new backpacks.

Packed and ready to go!

Memphis City Schools require uniforms, here are the girls uniforms.

Walking up to school

Outside their school ~ They look to small to be going to school!

Waiting in line for us to be allowed in ~ this is the point where Allie says to me "bye momma". Not so fast, I need pictures and a hug and a little more time, I am not ready for this!

Allie and her teacher, Mrs. Beckwith, Allie already likes her and I do as well. She is full of energy and excited to see the kids as they arrive.

Abby, not so sure about this school thing. Abby is outgoing to those she knows but is very shy to those she does not know. She looked so scared when I left her sitting at the table. She did fine and said she might even go back.

First Thing Allie said when I woke her up "I want to go in the afternoon."

First thing Abby said when I woke her up; "It is too early" and it was. We have to be at school by 7:15, class starts at 7:30!

I waited till I was walking to my car to cry and even then I tried hard not to because I did not want Raymond to laugh at me. I worried about Abby all day, praying she was having a good day and getting along with her teacher. I pray that both Abby & Allie interact well and bond with their teachers. I pray that they make good friends and good choices regarding their friends and behavior. I sometimes wish I could slow time so I could keep them small a little while longer, but I can not, so God will have to give me peace and protect my babies as they start school and start to become more independent!

Friday, August 6, 2010

US Transplant Games in Madison, Wisconsin

Last week I got the privilege to attend the US Transplant Games in Madison Wisconsin. The National Kidney Foundation sponsors these Olympic style games every 2 years in a different city. It was, according to the weather guys, hot and humid in Madison while we were there. I don't think 85 is hot and humid to someone who lives in Memphis. It was nice there every day, hot like 82-86 every day while it was 100+ in Memphis.

I went as Assistant Team Manager for Team Tennessee. I met a lot of great people and has a good time.

Here is University of Wisconsin Badger in an airport shop.

Here I am with Dolly the Dot. I can not remember why she was in the expo center or what company she was with. I did get a Rose Parade Organ Donation pin. The Donate Life Float people were there registering people to give a way a spot on the 2011 Rose Parade Float. You had to be a transplant recipient to enter. But it would be fun to go volunteer for the day at the Rose Parade. {Side note- going to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game are on my list of things I want to do before I list.}

Team tailgate party before opening ceremonies. Our Team Table. It was a lot of hurry up and wait, and being Team Tennessee we were close to the end of teams marching in.

Getting Ready to March in during Opening Ceremonies.

The little boy in the picture here received a heart transplant at 2 weeks old and is from Utah. During opening ceremonies the mom of the heart donor sang "For Good" from Wicked. They announced that the donor's family meet this little boy and his family for the first time the day before at the games. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

The Team Tennessee Basketball Team and our coaches. We won our first game but lost our second game.
Looking at Madison's State Capitol Bldg from the Monona Terrace

Donor Families from Tennessee
Most of the Athletes from Team Tennessee