Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday Night was the girls last soccer game of the Spring. Here is Allie playing with Sam.

Friday - Last Day at MDO and Granny & Papaw were here for the soccer game and the Saturday yard sale.

The girls playing with their fishing poles from MDO.

Uncle Keith and the girls. Keith, Kelly and Tessa came over for dinner Friday night.

Saturday we had a yard sale and then we went to Reach Group for our last study on Moses & Exodus.

Sunday Night - Members Night at the Zoo. Our Reach Group planned an outing together. During Members Night the rides are all free and you can swim in the "Nile".

Here are the girls pumping water in the Farm.

Allie in the "Nile"

Right after the girls got out of the Nile it started to pour down rain. Our group went running to the Primate Pavilion to wait it out before riding the Carousel.

The girls riding the boat ride.

Monday we went to the Highland Memorial Day Picnic at church. This year we had it at Harding Academy where we are currently meeting as our new building is been built. I am already looking forward to next year's picnic, hopefully at our new building.

Abby playing in the courtyard. She did not care for the band that came to play while we were eating. The band was really good, what I heard of it was good. While standing in line for a balloon animal the band played The National Anthem. Abby looked turned and looked at me and said, "Oh the Tiger song." She's heard it at the football games.
While the band was warming up - She did finally take her hands out of her ears while we waiting for balloon animals and seem to enjoy the music. After a great meal we took the kids outside to the moon bounces and fun with their friends.

Sleeping Allie on the way home from the picnic.

We had a great weekend with family and friends!

Friday, May 22, 2009

All About Me - Allie

Here is Allie's List

My Favorite Things
Favorite Animals -- Butterflies
Favorite Food -- Pizza
Favorite Game -- Computer Game
Favorite thing to do -- run in circles
Favorite Book --Little Princess (this is the Disney Princess Book that Kenzie gave them 2 years ago for their birthday)
Favorite Color -- Purple
Favorite Movie Dora

What Makes Me Special
Ways I show Other I care -- give butterflies
Things I can do really well -- help mom bake a cake
What people like about me -- love me & I make my momma happy (gotta love her)

All About Me - Abby

Abby brought this home from school today. Today was their last day of MDO for the Spring. I am very blessed to take the girls to a MDO program that has it during the summer. We will return the 1st week of June.

My Favorite Things
Favorite Animals -- Caterpillars
Favorite Food -- Chicken
Favorite Game -- Duck Game (duck, duck goose, I think)
Favorite thing to do -- feed the ducks (which we have never done, I know, mad mommy award)
Favorite Book --Old Christmas book (it is a Little People Book that Dennis & Leslie gave the girls for their second Christmas)
Favorite Color -- Red & Pink
Favorite Movie -- Pirate Sing-a-long

What Makes Me Special
Ways I show Other I care -- bring them something
Things I can do really well -- get balloons
What people like about me -- my coloring

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Saturday - Soccer, Lowe's, & Cash Grab

This morning the girls received their soccer trophies.

Abby playing in the mud before the game.

Raymond & Abby

Then it was off to Lowe's to get a part to fix the swing set and the girls found this dog house that was in a dog yard to play in.

On the way home we stopped at Napa Auto Parts to see what was going on under the big tent and the KIX 106 Van. Raymond and I were both able to get in the Cash Grab (that the girls wanted to jump in). Here is Raymond grabbing some money and sonic coupons.

Teacher Gifts

These are the teacher gifts I made for the girls MDO teachers and Allie's Speech Teacher. They are craft jars by Making Memories and I used a 3 in & 2.5 inch scallop punch for the scallop on the front of the jar. I used my Slice to die cut enjoy with bling for the dot on the "j". The lid also has a 3.5 inch circle. Used ribbon to tie around the jar and filled it with candy and a few gift card enclosures.

Thursday Soccer

Leslie came to watch the girls play soccer Thursday night.
Leslie and Allie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kingston's Party & FedEx Planes

Saturday the girls attended their friend Kingston's Spiderman Birthday party. Here is Allie "helping" him open the present we brought.

Here is Allie & Abby having a turn at the pinata.

Abby and one of her favorite things -- Balloons!

Our friends live past the airport so on the way home we stopped and tried to watch some planes land but there were only 2 in about 15 minutes. We will have to go back at a different time later on. Abby is in LOVE with FedEx so we drove down Democrat Road to see if we could see some FedEx planes. Oh my, was Abby happy! We found a dozen or so parked and getting loaded or serviced, I am really not sure, but there they were just sitting there. We were able to park pretty close and I was able to zoom in a little more. There was nothing but a tall fence separating where we were. Allie even asked to get closer to them. We will have to go back some this summer and watch the planes take off and land and go look at the FedEx planes as well. I would love to be able to take the girls and tour a FedEx plane. I think Abby would like that more than going to Disney!

Mothers Day

Here is the accordion mini album I made for my mom and Raymond's mom for Mothers Day

Last week I went to a Make & Take at Eceltica Scrapbooks and made the mini tag album below. I put some pictures of the girls in it and they are going to give this to Leslie.

Here is what the girls made me for Mothers Day at MDO

Here are the cards they made with Raymond. When the girls gave me the cards Sunday morning Allie told me "we made them when you were not here." So I guess when I went to scrapbook Friday night they made my cards :)

Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soccer Team

Back row: Sam and Summer.
Friont row: Logan, Allie and Abby

Abby going to the goal


I got 2 new cards for my Slice (die cutting machine) on Wednesday. Here is what I made from the Spring card.

4 in. basket & grass
3 in. bow & eggs

Summer Beach Party???

Look momma we are having a Summer Beach Party! The girls went outside the other day and started playing in the toy tub that is now full of water (since it seems to rain everyday). It started with just their toes going in, then moved to their legs going in and then to taking off their pants and them their shirts.

I let them put their swimsuits on to play in the water some more.