Monday, May 11, 2009

Kingston's Party & FedEx Planes

Saturday the girls attended their friend Kingston's Spiderman Birthday party. Here is Allie "helping" him open the present we brought.

Here is Allie & Abby having a turn at the pinata.

Abby and one of her favorite things -- Balloons!

Our friends live past the airport so on the way home we stopped and tried to watch some planes land but there were only 2 in about 15 minutes. We will have to go back at a different time later on. Abby is in LOVE with FedEx so we drove down Democrat Road to see if we could see some FedEx planes. Oh my, was Abby happy! We found a dozen or so parked and getting loaded or serviced, I am really not sure, but there they were just sitting there. We were able to park pretty close and I was able to zoom in a little more. There was nothing but a tall fence separating where we were. Allie even asked to get closer to them. We will have to go back some this summer and watch the planes take off and land and go look at the FedEx planes as well. I would love to be able to take the girls and tour a FedEx plane. I think Abby would like that more than going to Disney!


KRISTI said...

Hey Paula. My best friend is a pilot at FedEx. I'll ask her if they give tours.

Paula Jennings said...

Kristi - I would be forever in your debt!! I could even get a group together if they require a group. I actually thought that one day this summer I would call Corp HQ and see if they would give an "educational tour" to a group of preschooler. :) THanks so much!