Friday, May 22, 2009

All About Me - Abby

Abby brought this home from school today. Today was their last day of MDO for the Spring. I am very blessed to take the girls to a MDO program that has it during the summer. We will return the 1st week of June.

My Favorite Things
Favorite Animals -- Caterpillars
Favorite Food -- Chicken
Favorite Game -- Duck Game (duck, duck goose, I think)
Favorite thing to do -- feed the ducks (which we have never done, I know, mad mommy award)
Favorite Book --Old Christmas book (it is a Little People Book that Dennis & Leslie gave the girls for their second Christmas)
Favorite Color -- Red & Pink
Favorite Movie -- Pirate Sing-a-long

What Makes Me Special
Ways I show Other I care -- bring them something
Things I can do really well -- get balloons
What people like about me -- my coloring


Rachel Baker said...

What??? No mention of FedEx? Are you sure this was about Abby? :)

JenniferL. said...

Trust me, if you took her to feed the ducks she would not think it was her favorite thing to do. I guess depending on where you go but when we went there were geese around and they attack you.