Monday, August 29, 2011

New Emboridery Patterns

Some of my new emboridery patterns

turtle and princess hat

Pumpkin Mickey

Ghost Minnie

Jedi Mickey


Pouncer Pal Kick-off Party

Friday night was Pouncer Pal's Kick-off party at Incredible Pizza.  The girls had a great time as always. 


First Week of School

The first week of school is over and we all survived.

Kingston, Mackenzie, Allie, Reid, and Abby

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School Tradition

Getting ice cream!  This year we went to Yogurt Mountain.  Kingston and Camden were able to join us well.  We love Yogurt Mountain!

1st Graders

Sunday afternoon the girls colored their teachers each a picture.  

Girls new backpacks filled with school supplies

Monday Morning bright and early ready to go to school

Welcome back to Richland

I took Abby to her class first.  The girls class room are not next to each other this year.  I am not sure how I feel about that but I do know Abby does not like it!  She told me today that she got to take a note to Allie's classroom today.  Abby's teacher is Mrs. Tamboli. 

Allie is not so sure about being left in 1st grade.  She has Mrs. Mitchell (who Ms. Michelle and Leslie both know and speak highly of).  When we arrived in class Allie did not have a seat at one of the tables and sat at Mrs. Mitchell's desk.  Come to find out another parent left their 4 year old in the class room!  Allie was able to get a seat after carpet time and the lost child was taken to the office. 
I did not get picture of the girls with their teachers, the first day was CRAZY! Even more so than the first day of kindergarten.  We survived the first day and the first week is almost over.

I pray that both girls will have peace this year as both are slightly nervous about school, that God will comfort them when they are nervous or scared.  I pray for good choices in behavior and friends.  I pray they learn what they are taught and are good students. 

First Week of August

Our last week before school starts started with a trip to the Y Pool.  Hopefully we will be able to go a few more times before our summer membership runs out. 

On Tuesday while going to Highland to pick up racks for the Everything For Kids sale I got rear ended while stopped at a stop light.  My car is currently being fixed and I should have it back tomorrow. 

Wednesday through Saturday I was at the Agricenter for the Fall/Winter Everything for Kids sale.  Here are a few pictures from the drop days.  They are not the best since they were taken with my phone.

Suzie and Peter talking over the scooter that he and Amanda were selling. 

Allie playing on a toy that was for sale.  I almost bought these Plasma riders for the girls but thought that our drive way would not be very good riding these.  So I bought the girls a Rapunzel vanity table toy. 

Riding coaster I bought for the Day School- the girls are a little to big for this toy but they really enjoyed playing on it. 

Weekend at Granny & Papaw's

The last weekend in July the girls and I went to my parents house for the weekend so Raymond could work on a take home class for his summer class at the U of M.  Abby brought all her ducks with her.  She lined up all her ducks and Wolfy in their living room. 

Allie and her princesses with Wolfy. 

On Saturday I took my mom to Florence for a little shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target and the Mall.  I think we can find a Mickey just about any where :)  Here we are at Halmark. 

Thanks to my best friend, Jennifer, I have been introduced to Yellow Box Flip Flops.  I bought my first pair off Ebay and fell in love with them. I have worn them just about every day since May.  Leslie found a blue and silver pair in Oxford and I love them as well.  While in Florence we went to Belk and I found another pair there on sale.  At least I've bought them all on sale. 

A New Room for the Girls

This summer we have been slowly redoing the girls room.  They finally decided on a color and theme, Garden Fairy Room.  We bought Tinker Bell Green paint at Home Depot and Raymond started painting.

After Raymond finished painting I placed Tinker Bell wall decals around the room.  I bought 2 flower cork boards and hung them by their closet and bedroom door. This way they can post their drawings on their wall. I still want to come up with something for their door, just not sure what yet. 

Abby's bed

The bears on the blinds are the Duffy Bears that the girls colored in Kidcot area in Epcot this past May. 

Allie's bed

The finishing touch is Tinker Bell herself flying in the center of the girls room.