Thursday, August 11, 2011

1st Graders

Sunday afternoon the girls colored their teachers each a picture.  

Girls new backpacks filled with school supplies

Monday Morning bright and early ready to go to school

Welcome back to Richland

I took Abby to her class first.  The girls class room are not next to each other this year.  I am not sure how I feel about that but I do know Abby does not like it!  She told me today that she got to take a note to Allie's classroom today.  Abby's teacher is Mrs. Tamboli. 

Allie is not so sure about being left in 1st grade.  She has Mrs. Mitchell (who Ms. Michelle and Leslie both know and speak highly of).  When we arrived in class Allie did not have a seat at one of the tables and sat at Mrs. Mitchell's desk.  Come to find out another parent left their 4 year old in the class room!  Allie was able to get a seat after carpet time and the lost child was taken to the office. 
I did not get picture of the girls with their teachers, the first day was CRAZY! Even more so than the first day of kindergarten.  We survived the first day and the first week is almost over.

I pray that both girls will have peace this year as both are slightly nervous about school, that God will comfort them when they are nervous or scared.  I pray for good choices in behavior and friends.  I pray they learn what they are taught and are good students. 

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