Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend at Granny & Papaw's

The last weekend in July the girls and I went to my parents house for the weekend so Raymond could work on a take home class for his summer class at the U of M.  Abby brought all her ducks with her.  She lined up all her ducks and Wolfy in their living room. 

Allie and her princesses with Wolfy. 

On Saturday I took my mom to Florence for a little shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target and the Mall.  I think we can find a Mickey just about any where :)  Here we are at Halmark. 

Thanks to my best friend, Jennifer, I have been introduced to Yellow Box Flip Flops.  I bought my first pair off Ebay and fell in love with them. I have worn them just about every day since May.  Leslie found a blue and silver pair in Oxford and I love them as well.  While in Florence we went to Belk and I found another pair there on sale.  At least I've bought them all on sale. 

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