Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Allie's Lost Tooth

Monday afternoon while swimming at home Allie screams and is holding her mouth. I ask her what is wrong and she says my tooth. I look at her mouth and there is blood around her bottom teeth and her little tooth is barley hanging on. I get her out of the pool and tell her to keep her hand at her mouth so that we don't lose the actual tooth. Side note: I lost my first tooth down the drain in first grade and still remember it so I don't want her to loss it once it is out. Although I think losing the actual tooth happens more than I ever realized after reading a friends facebook post and when our friend Ammie lost her first tooth Sunday night at reach group and did not know where it was lost at. Anyway......the tooth came out in her hand and we got the bleeding to stop and put the tooth inside and back in the pool we went.
Allie was "so excited" and had to tell everyone. We called Raymond at work, Leslie, Granny & Papaw and Meemaw. I was talking to my friend Jennifer and Allie even asked if I told her, which I did. Allie took the tooth and placed it under her pillow long before bedtime, which I took out and placed in a ziploc for easier tooth fairy removal. I asked her what she thought the tooth fairy might bring her and she said a prize or a toy. I told her no, how about a dollar. She was happy with that.

The tooth fairy came during the storm last night while the girls were hiding out in our room due to the thunder and lighting. Allie was so happy to get her $2 from the tooth fairy.

Now we are waiting for more teeth to become lose and for Abby to start losing hers.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday afternoon we went to the Redbird's game with the Spellings' and Chelle and McKenzie. It was a double hitter that started at 4:05 and it was HOT. Hot really does not describe what the tempature was outside, but we all made till we saw who we went to see, Word Girl, Clifford, and Mr. Chuck from PBS Kids.

Ammie, Allie, Word Girl, Abby and McKenzie

Abby & Allie with Cliford the Big Red Dog

the girls with Word Girl

Allie with Mr. Chuck from WKNO

Friday, July 23, 2010

100,000 Miles

The Camary has went over 100,000 miles and is still going strong!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big Backyard

The Big Backyard is no longer free on Wednesday's so we have not been there this summer till Tuesday. We fed the coy fish and a few turtles and then made our way over to the Children's Garden.

Allie feeding one of the turtle's

Kingston and Allie's dancing on one of the bridges.

Allie enjoyed holding Camden's hand walking to the coy fish pond.

Memphis Zoo Members Night

Saturday night was members night at the Zoo. When we arrived they had two turtles and a lizard out for people to "pet". Here is Allie touching the lizard. Abby would have no part of it.

We made our way over the ride area at the Zoo. Everyone but me and Allie rode this ride. As you can see Abby and Ammie enjoyed it, Raymond not so much. It goes round and round and then tilts on one side and your cart starts to turn as well.

After a few more rides we finally made it to the very popular train. Not sure what Allie is talking about.

After we left the Zoo we stopped at Sonic for some ice cream!
Abby: Mommy, when we go to kindergarten are me and sissy going to be in the same class?
Me: No, baby. You will be in different classes. (not sure how she will take this news)

Abby: Oh sissy, we can play together on the playground.
Mommy, will they let me eat lunch with Allie?
Me: No baby, probley not. (this broke my heart)

As excited as they are to start school in less than 3 weeks I am not. I know they will love it and they will learn so much but I am apprehensive to send them off to a classroom full of children where I can not talk to the teacher when I pick them up or drop them off. I know they will do well but they are my babies and they are growing up WAY to fast!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maple Grove Farms Birthday Party

Saturday the girls went to a birthday party at Maple Grove Farms in Collierville. They have horseback riding, rock wall climbing, bouncy house, craft bags and a hayride for the kids.

Abby climbing the rock wall

She made it to the top and rang the bell!



Allie feeding the miniature horse and the goat.

Abby holding one of the bunnies, she held it for less than a minute and said she was done.

Allie really enjoyed holding the bunny

Eat More Chicken

Friday was dress like a chicken and get free a chicken combo. So off we went on Friday night for dinner. Here are the girls before we left the house.

They had the large inflatable cow next door, so of course we had to take a picture.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Car!!!

After 13 years, lots of talking, internet searching, number crunching, 5 car dealership, 4 test drives and 3.5 hours at the dealership....we bought a new (new to us) car. It is a 2009 Nissan Altima. This is the car Raymond wanted but I get to drive it! While waiting at the dealership I discovered I really like the Chevy Equinox (kinda reminds me of the Volvo SUV). Raymond told me I could have one if I got a job....I don't think I want one bad enough right now to go back to work ;)

You can not tell it in the picture but the car is a beige/gold color. The girls like it as well. They have been trying to figure out why I got the new car and we left daddy's old car at the dealership. Raymond now gets to drive my Camary, which is about to have a major milestone of hitting 100,000 miles.

On a more embarressing note, when I was cleaning out the Camery I discovered I had over 40 CD's in my car. How in the world can I have that many CD's in my car?? Needless to say that many will not be going back into the new car. Maybe 10 or 15 of them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Sunday morning before church

Sunday evening we went to the Germantown for their annual fireworks celebration. We were able to go with the Spellings and had a great time.

All the kids looking over the fence at the pond

While we were trying to take a family picture Abby lost her shoe between the rails. Here is Raymond trying to get it out of the water for her. Raymond was able to retrieve it and all was right with Abby...for a while a least.

Family Picture take 2

While sitting outside Schnucks eating ice cream (thanks Ainsley) Abby has her break down for not wanting to watch the fireworks.

Allie being told she can not do something or to stop, I am not sure which, I just like the face she is making.

One the fireworks started Abby was fine. She must have been really nervous becaused she talked the entire time they were going off! She told me that next time she would bring her radio so she could listen to it instead of the fireworks. Some of the fireworks were boring to her and the finally, which was amazing (the best we saw this year) was too loud and startled her. But she enjoyed it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bellevue Fireworks

Sunday night we went down and watch the Fireworks that Bellevue. Abby was excited to go till we got there. Once they started she freaked out but eventually calmed down and enjoyed them, I think.

Abby sitting with Raymond