Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Sunday morning before church

Sunday evening we went to the Germantown for their annual fireworks celebration. We were able to go with the Spellings and had a great time.

All the kids looking over the fence at the pond

While we were trying to take a family picture Abby lost her shoe between the rails. Here is Raymond trying to get it out of the water for her. Raymond was able to retrieve it and all was right with Abby...for a while a least.

Family Picture take 2

While sitting outside Schnucks eating ice cream (thanks Ainsley) Abby has her break down for not wanting to watch the fireworks.

Allie being told she can not do something or to stop, I am not sure which, I just like the face she is making.

One the fireworks started Abby was fine. She must have been really nervous becaused she talked the entire time they were going off! She told me that next time she would bring her radio so she could listen to it instead of the fireworks. Some of the fireworks were boring to her and the finally, which was amazing (the best we saw this year) was too loud and startled her. But she enjoyed it.

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