Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Allie's Lost Tooth

Monday afternoon while swimming at home Allie screams and is holding her mouth. I ask her what is wrong and she says my tooth. I look at her mouth and there is blood around her bottom teeth and her little tooth is barley hanging on. I get her out of the pool and tell her to keep her hand at her mouth so that we don't lose the actual tooth. Side note: I lost my first tooth down the drain in first grade and still remember it so I don't want her to loss it once it is out. Although I think losing the actual tooth happens more than I ever realized after reading a friends facebook post and when our friend Ammie lost her first tooth Sunday night at reach group and did not know where it was lost at. Anyway......the tooth came out in her hand and we got the bleeding to stop and put the tooth inside and back in the pool we went.
Allie was "so excited" and had to tell everyone. We called Raymond at work, Leslie, Granny & Papaw and Meemaw. I was talking to my friend Jennifer and Allie even asked if I told her, which I did. Allie took the tooth and placed it under her pillow long before bedtime, which I took out and placed in a ziploc for easier tooth fairy removal. I asked her what she thought the tooth fairy might bring her and she said a prize or a toy. I told her no, how about a dollar. She was happy with that.

The tooth fairy came during the storm last night while the girls were hiding out in our room due to the thunder and lighting. Allie was so happy to get her $2 from the tooth fairy.

Now we are waiting for more teeth to become lose and for Abby to start losing hers.


Holly Aytes said...

A lost tooth is the most exciting thing! Well at least to a kid it is. Since our tooth fairy insists on leaving $5 it is kinda pricey! I love how it is a step from babyhood to growing up! It really changes the way a child looks!

Barber's Blog said...

WOW! Yeah Allie!