Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I LOVE Christmas! So last night after we got home from Meemaw's I pulled out our Christmas decorations and put up the tree. I put the tree together and turned on the lights before the girls went to bed. I had put some of the ornaments on when I heard Allie come out of her room. Her eyes were open and she had a huge smile on her face when she the tree with decorations on it. We let her stay up with us for while as I deocrated the tree. She was so excited. I wish I had taken a picture of her kissing the princess ornaments that I have gotten them over the past 2 years, it was so cute. When I was finshed I put her back to bed, which she was not happy about. This was about 9:45 (yes, I know it was late but every once in a while does not hurt). She was up talking to Raymond this morning at 6:40!!! When she realized I was awake she wanted the tree lights turned on.

A little later Abby got up and was happy to see that the tree was decorated as well. As I was sitting on the bed with Raymond while he was getting ready for work Abby comes running in and says, "Thank you Mommy."

"For what?" I ask.
"For making the tree so beautiful. I love it."
I said, "Your welcome."

We spent the rest of the morning deocrating our house, in and out, and trying to figure out why the outside garland will not light up. We never did find out why. I will take pictures later and post them.

This afternoon while Allie was napping, Abby and I were laying on my bed talking about what we are going to Granny, Papaw, Meemaw, Daddy, etc... for Christmas. When I asked her what we should get Daddy (Raymond) for Christmas Abby says' "a big screen TV."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The past few years we have went down the street to Mr. Keith's to take a picture with his outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Here are this year's pictures that were taken before we went to Meemaw's for lunch.

Football & Birthdays Presents

Last Saturday we took Allie to the U of M football game with us while Abby stayed at Meemaw's. It was so COLD but Allie did well. She kept asking for more fireworks, every time the U of M scored there was fireworks.

On Sunday Leslie gave the girls their birthday presents after Sunday School. They were so excited.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby & Allie

My little babies are not babies any more. Today the girls turned 4! I can not believe the it has been 4 years since they were born (7 weeks early). I was thinking tonight while the girls were eating dinner how much I miss them as babies. Not the waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night babies, but the 12 months and older babies. It goes by way to fast.
Here are some pictures of the girls from when they were first born and in the NICU.
Allie (when Allie saw this picture tonight she asked me how she hurt her nose)
Our First Family photo taken Thanksgiving Day 2004
My babies at home in their bed.

Yesterday the girls received a card from Aunt Ella & Uncle Al, they were kind enough to send them some money. When Abby opened the card she looked at her dollar bills and said, "look mommy, tickets. For the football game." Her daddy was so proud.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abby & Allie's Birthday Party

Saturday we had Abby & Allie's 4th Birthday Party. We had Sleeping Beauty come as our special guest and everyone enjoyed seeing her. The girls had a great time and received some wonderful gifts from their dear friends. Granny & Papaw, Meemaw and Uncle Keith, Aunt Kelly & Tessa came as well.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Walking Sleeping Beauty into the Party.

Blowing out our candles.

Making our craft.

Family picture.
Abby told me Sleeping Beauty was friend. She was so happy to see her. Allie loved meeting her as well. I think they both made a new friend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Do I have to have a Title to post?

I could not come up with a title for this one. It has been over a week since I posted last. I had a very busy week at work last week and I am glad that is over. I am getting closer to becoming a stay at home mom again. The past week at work taught me that what I was doing part-time is really a full-time job and I am not ready or willing to work full-time right now.

The election came and went. I was NOT happy with the outcome for many reasons but I have decided that we will pray for our leaders. That is what we should do as Christians, pray every day that the decisions he will make will be for the glory of God rather than the glory of Obama.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks. The girl's 4th birthday is coming next week (18th), their party is Saturday, then Thanksgiving. Which gives me my most favorite edition of the newspaper. I love to look at the ads on Thanksgiving day. I don't get up and go out at 5 am on Friday but I like to see what is out there. I get all my Christmas stuff down after we got home from Meemaw's Thanksgiving night and I start to put it out over the ext few days. I have more Christmas stuff than I have house. Every year I debate changing my tree theme. It is white lights and silver ornaments with our family ornaments as well. Every year I think, maybe I should a sports tree but I always back out. We shall see what happens this year.

That is really about it. The girls are looking forward to their party. They are getting so big. I can hardly believe they are about to be 4!!

I almost forgot. I posted a little while back about my pictures from Shutterfly that came and were missing about half of them. Saturday Raymond found a box at the front door. In the box were my missing pictures. I am not sure how they got back to me since the box was not from Shutterfly.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who was your teenage crush?

One of my favorite blogs is Bakerella. Her latest blog post is for her 1 year anniversary blogging and she has a picture of her and Bo Duke posted. She talks about having a crush on him when the Dukes of Hazard was on TV. She asked her readers to post which celebrity they had or still have a crush on. So I was wondering of my friends, which celeb you guys had a crush on when you where younger.

I will post mine in the comments section as well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating

Yesterday after school I picked up the girls and we headed to Collierville to meet our friends and go to "Treats on the Square" at the Collierville Square. I really enjoyed the Square and we even talked about going back as a girls day out for some shopping and dinner one Saturday. We had a great time with Kingston, Ammie, Baby Cal (as Allie calls him) and McKenzie. I even took the girls to eat at Chick-fil-a afterwards for dinner.

Allie, Kingston, Ammie, & Abby, minus Mckenzie

Allie & Kingston walking to the cars
On our way home we stopped and took a few pictures of the Germantown horses that have been placed back out in Germantown. The girls really like the Pink Race for the Cure horse but we did not see it last night. We saw 4 different ones. Here are the 2 that we got out to take pictures with.

The gift horse
After we got home, we put our costumes back on and we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. Abby told me she was getting ready to be Sleeping Beauty. I put on her dress and asked are you sleeping beauty now? No, not yet. I gave her the crown and asked, Are you sleeping beauty now? No, not yet she replies. As she puts on her shoes, Momma, I am now Sleeping Beauty. When we got home she looks at me and says, Momma, I am about to be Abby again.
Here are the girls with Charlie and Edna across the street. I try to get a picture of the girls with them every year when we go over to trick or treat. The girls love Mr. Charlie and Ms. Edna.