Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating

Yesterday after school I picked up the girls and we headed to Collierville to meet our friends and go to "Treats on the Square" at the Collierville Square. I really enjoyed the Square and we even talked about going back as a girls day out for some shopping and dinner one Saturday. We had a great time with Kingston, Ammie, Baby Cal (as Allie calls him) and McKenzie. I even took the girls to eat at Chick-fil-a afterwards for dinner.

Allie, Kingston, Ammie, & Abby, minus Mckenzie

Allie & Kingston walking to the cars
On our way home we stopped and took a few pictures of the Germantown horses that have been placed back out in Germantown. The girls really like the Pink Race for the Cure horse but we did not see it last night. We saw 4 different ones. Here are the 2 that we got out to take pictures with.

The gift horse
After we got home, we put our costumes back on and we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. Abby told me she was getting ready to be Sleeping Beauty. I put on her dress and asked are you sleeping beauty now? No, not yet. I gave her the crown and asked, Are you sleeping beauty now? No, not yet she replies. As she puts on her shoes, Momma, I am now Sleeping Beauty. When we got home she looks at me and says, Momma, I am about to be Abby again.
Here are the girls with Charlie and Edna across the street. I try to get a picture of the girls with them every year when we go over to trick or treat. The girls love Mr. Charlie and Ms. Edna.

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Kelley said...

Looks like they had a great time. I've never heard of the C'ville Square trick-or-treat. I'll have to remember that next year.