Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby & Allie

My little babies are not babies any more. Today the girls turned 4! I can not believe the it has been 4 years since they were born (7 weeks early). I was thinking tonight while the girls were eating dinner how much I miss them as babies. Not the waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night babies, but the 12 months and older babies. It goes by way to fast.
Here are some pictures of the girls from when they were first born and in the NICU.
Allie (when Allie saw this picture tonight she asked me how she hurt her nose)
Our First Family photo taken Thanksgiving Day 2004
My babies at home in their bed.

Yesterday the girls received a card from Aunt Ella & Uncle Al, they were kind enough to send them some money. When Abby opened the card she looked at her dollar bills and said, "look mommy, tickets. For the football game." Her daddy was so proud.


Spellings Fam said...

Happy Birthday Abby and Allie!

Kelley said...

You and Raymond look like kids!

Holly Aytes said...

How cute where they! I never have seen them as babies. I too miss mine as "babies" sometimes even the waking every 3 hrs, they are so sweet when they are newborns.

loui said...

Paula - you have such a beautiful glow on your face in that picture with your newborns!