Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everything For Kids Sale

The Everything for Kids Sale was pleased to have Peeps at the Spring/Summer Clothng Sale in March.  They came and gave out candy and walked around for a while.

Fravorite Finds at the sale for me:  2 Disney games and a picture frame.  The girls love the Disney Scene it? game!!

Twirltacular Baton Competition

Allie competed in Twirltacular on Saturday, March 17th in Millington.  She did really well and had fun.  She placed first in Advance Marching and second in Beginning Marching. 

 How many bobbie pins did it take to keep Allie's hair up in a bun? 

Spring Break 2012 -- Day 5


Final Scores Me, Ainsley and Randy

The kids final score, Allie, Ammie, Abby and Cal

Spring Break 2012 -- Day 3

Day Three of spring break took us Downtown with Meemaw to see the Peabody Ducks and lunch with Raymond in his office. 

The girls with the Duck Master

After seeing the ducks march down and going to the roof of the Peabody we went to have lunch with Raymond in his office.

Lunch in the conference room while watching Tom & Jerry.

Spring Break 2012- Day 1 & 2

Children's Museum with the Spellings

Digging for Dino bones

Favorite thing to do -- Shop at the Kroger store

Day Two - Target Purchase - A new vacuum.  Our old vacuum was almost 14 years old and really should have been replaced years ago!  Right before spring break I had had enough of the old and went to Target on Tuesday and bought a new one.   I am embarrassed to say that our carpet was very dirty, but I love my new vacuum. 

 Bike riding in the afternoon...look, no training wheels for Abby.

Career Day at Richland

The Friday before Spring Break was Career Day at the girls school.  They got to wear regular clothes to school.  Allie went as a Vet and took Abby's Webkinz dog as a prop. 

Abby went as the Peabody Duck Master.  She took two of her ducks with her. 

2011 Project Life--Completed

I finished my 2011 Project Life in March.  And I have completed January and February for 2012.  I have enjoyed doing Project Life and since I have yet to do anything for 2010, I may go back and do PL for 2010.