Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patriotic Dress

The inspiration dress I bought at the Spring Everything for Kids Sale. It has pants with it but I chose not to make a pair of those just quite yet.

Here is mine. I wanted it to coordinate instead of match exactly.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Double Rainbow

A double rainbow outside our house. The second on is to the right of the very bright rainbow.

Toy Story 3

After MUCH anticipation we went and saw Toy Story 3 Friday afternoon. We chose the non-3D showing. Abby even took her Jessie Doll to see it. It was a great sequel, we all enjoyed it....all but the scary fiery furnace part!! I had to take Abby out because she was afraid the toys were going to burned up! I had already told her that the toys will be ok, I am not sure how but they will be ok. Not to give everything away in the movie but come on! Surely Disney will not destroy these toys? Why must Disney show these beloved toys almost getting burned up by a trash incinerator??

Anyway, after the movie I took a few pictures of the girls in front of the movie poster.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Highland Church of Christ VBS

This week was VBS at church. I loved going to VBS as a child. I remember how each class would compete to see who could be the quietest class coming out of their classroom for singing. Lance Foster, who was our preacher, would lead us in songs and each night he would ask us a Bible trivia question and we would bring the answer the following night and place it in the answer box. After signing we would go and have cookies and Kool-aid in the fellowship building and on Friday night we would get ice cream sandwiches. As teenagers we got out to the fellowship building and have class with Mr. Tracy. I so enjoyed VBS as a kid and earlier teen and I hope that the girls will have wonderful memories of their days going to VBS at Highland.

Our theme for VBS this week was Walking on SONshine...And don't it feel good. Each night before VBS we had dinner at church. Allie discovered that she liked Mrs. Michelle's grilled chicken.

Abby getting her name tag

Allie & Ammie playing before class
VBS Drama - The Pharisees trying to come up with a way to trap Jesus

Zacchaeus in the tree waiting for Jesus

Jesus talking to the disciples and "the crowd"

Zacchaeus come down from that tree

Sunday, June 13, 2010

VBS at Bellvue

I took the girls to VBS at Bellvue last week. All I can say is "Oh My GOODNESS!!" It was amazing and very large. Every day the girls got a Silly Band that went along with the story, The Search for the Arcadian Treasure. Saturday night we went to the Family Event which is the play the kids have been seeing each day at VBS. It was a good play and we all enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures from the under the sea segment.

Here is Billy (whom Allie really likes)

After the show the cast came out and you could get your picture made with them and autographs. I felt like we were at Disney again having to go around and get pictures and autographs of characters. Unfortunately we did not get every ones autograph, the girls were really tired after swimming for 4 hours that day. We did not get Billy's autograph which upset Allie so I asked my friend Angela who goes to church there to pick up a signed card today at church, which she did, and Allie is now very happy.

Here are the girls with Katie Kidd

The Chipmunks
This week we have VBS at Highland and Raymond is going to be in the Drama on Thursday night. Our theme is Walking on Sonshine...It will be a busy but great week!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing With Dad

Saturday afternoon after the girls got out of the pool, they went "flying" around the side yard....

Then Raymond got into the action......

Granny & Papaw's

Thursday the girls and I went to Savannah to see my parents. While we were there I borrowed her camera to take pictures of the girls. I really like her camera.

Abby putting Wolfie to bed. Every grandkid loves to play with Wolfie. My mom bought this stuffed wolf in Michigan many years ago and the kids still love to play with him.

One of my cousins came over to bring my mom the cookbook that Nixon Elementary put out on their golf cart. He offered to take the girls for a ride. They got off the cart smiling so I think they enjoyed it.

Friday afternoon I took the girls up to Pickwick to take their picture. They really never looked right at me but I still think I got some good shots. Iplayed with the sittings on my moms camera and still can not tell you how I got some of the shots I did. It will take some time to learn but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

My mom and the girls

At the marina

They chased these more geese and ducks till they all got into the water and swam away from them. At one point one of the geese was hissing at Abby. She kept saying, "all I want to do is pet one."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trolley Ride and Lunch at the Arcade

After we left Mud Island I changed the girls clothes, we walked over Front Street to the trolley stop.

Allie looking for the trolley.

Our first Downtown Trolley Ride.

We rode to the end of this line and hopped off for lunch at the Arcade Restaurant. It is the oldest cafe in Memphis.

Kenzie, Kingston, Abby, Camden and Allie

The girls sharing a milkshake.
After lunch we rode the trolley back to the garage and called it a day! Although when we got home the girls went swimming!

Downtown & Mud Island

On Tuesday we meet up with Jamie and Kingston and went to Mud Island for the morning. We got downtown before the Mud Island opened so we walked over the water fountains across the street.

We can ready to play and play they did. They really enjoyed running around in the fountains. This is for sure another "Must Do" this summer.

Walking across to Mud Island, Abby was a little afraid of walking on the walkway from the parking garage to the island but after a few minutes she forgot about and was off walking with Kingston and Allie.

We started at the beginning of the river and let the kids walk the river to the "gulf". We had them stop for a photo along the way.
Abby, Allie, Kingston & Camden at Mud Island

Allie & Abby walking in "The River"

More water

I still wonder what the 3 of them are talking about....

We met up with McKenzie & Laurel, here are Allie, Kingston and Kenzie. Abby did not want her picture taken, she was ready for the trolley ride and lunch!