Sunday, June 13, 2010

VBS at Bellvue

I took the girls to VBS at Bellvue last week. All I can say is "Oh My GOODNESS!!" It was amazing and very large. Every day the girls got a Silly Band that went along with the story, The Search for the Arcadian Treasure. Saturday night we went to the Family Event which is the play the kids have been seeing each day at VBS. It was a good play and we all enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures from the under the sea segment.

Here is Billy (whom Allie really likes)

After the show the cast came out and you could get your picture made with them and autographs. I felt like we were at Disney again having to go around and get pictures and autographs of characters. Unfortunately we did not get every ones autograph, the girls were really tired after swimming for 4 hours that day. We did not get Billy's autograph which upset Allie so I asked my friend Angela who goes to church there to pick up a signed card today at church, which she did, and Allie is now very happy.

Here are the girls with Katie Kidd

The Chipmunks
This week we have VBS at Highland and Raymond is going to be in the Drama on Thursday night. Our theme is Walking on Sonshine...It will be a busy but great week!

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Holly Aytes said...

Bellevue's VBS is similar to the one we went to this past week at Matt's parents church. It is huge. They write there own VBS prepackaged kit for them. We got silly bands too that went with our theme....Dani and the Jets. In past years they have done the autographs after their finale show on friday but this year they did a breakfast on saturday morning instead. It was a huge hit. We know the music pastor there...he used to be the pastor at Matt's parents church.