Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Week of August

Our last week before school starts started with a trip to the Y Pool.  Hopefully we will be able to go a few more times before our summer membership runs out. 

On Tuesday while going to Highland to pick up racks for the Everything For Kids sale I got rear ended while stopped at a stop light.  My car is currently being fixed and I should have it back tomorrow. 

Wednesday through Saturday I was at the Agricenter for the Fall/Winter Everything for Kids sale.  Here are a few pictures from the drop days.  They are not the best since they were taken with my phone.

Suzie and Peter talking over the scooter that he and Amanda were selling. 

Allie playing on a toy that was for sale.  I almost bought these Plasma riders for the girls but thought that our drive way would not be very good riding these.  So I bought the girls a Rapunzel vanity table toy. 

Riding coaster I bought for the Day School- the girls are a little to big for this toy but they really enjoyed playing on it. 

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