Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day of School

Tuesday was the girls first day of Kindergarten! We jumped through all the required hoops and stood in line over night to get the girls into Richland Elementary through open enrollment with the City Schools. Here are most of the girls school supplies and their new backpacks.

Packed and ready to go!

Memphis City Schools require uniforms, here are the girls uniforms.

Walking up to school

Outside their school ~ They look to small to be going to school!

Waiting in line for us to be allowed in ~ this is the point where Allie says to me "bye momma". Not so fast, I need pictures and a hug and a little more time, I am not ready for this!

Allie and her teacher, Mrs. Beckwith, Allie already likes her and I do as well. She is full of energy and excited to see the kids as they arrive.

Abby, not so sure about this school thing. Abby is outgoing to those she knows but is very shy to those she does not know. She looked so scared when I left her sitting at the table. She did fine and said she might even go back.

First Thing Allie said when I woke her up "I want to go in the afternoon."

First thing Abby said when I woke her up; "It is too early" and it was. We have to be at school by 7:15, class starts at 7:30!

I waited till I was walking to my car to cry and even then I tried hard not to because I did not want Raymond to laugh at me. I worried about Abby all day, praying she was having a good day and getting along with her teacher. I pray that both Abby & Allie interact well and bond with their teachers. I pray that they make good friends and good choices regarding their friends and behavior. I sometimes wish I could slow time so I could keep them small a little while longer, but I can not, so God will have to give me peace and protect my babies as they start school and start to become more independent!

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