Sunday, May 15, 2011

Field Day

Friday was Field Day at the girls school.  It rained over night and early Friday morning so they moved some events inside and had to cancel others.  I was kinda relived about that but once I saw how much fun the kids were having I wished we could have been outside.  It was too muddy outside even thou it had quit raining.  I did not take my camera but I had my phone.  Some of the pictures did not come out very well. 

Here is Abby waiting for the games to start

Abby doing the crab walk

Allie is in the center with her class. I helped with Abby's class since I am the main room mom for her class.  Plus Allie's class had lots of helpers.  There was only 1 race that the girls ended up "competing" against. 

Allie in the rolling cart race

Back in the classroom doing quite center.  look at how grown up she looks.

Ms. Johns June Bugs

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