Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Green

We try to do what we can at our house to help protect the planet, I carry reusable grocery bags, we recycle, I try to remember to turn off the lights, even though Raymond may disagree. Our AC went out Saturday night and we got it fixed this morning. I had to do some laundry and did not want to use the dryer since the house was still trying to cool off, so I laid every thing outside to dry. It has been so HOT here the past few days, 98 and 99 degrees. It only took about an hour and half for the towels to dry. Here is a picture of our towels drying outside. I did 2 loads today and I think I will do the rest of our laundry tomorrow.

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The Beatty's said...

Funny, I remember my mom used to line dry almost everything in the summer. ome to think of it, she did it in the winter sometimes, too because I remember our towels would smell like our neighbors wood stove. Ah, memories!