Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

As of the end of last weekend Raymond & I are in first place in our Annual Homebuilders NCAA Bracket Challenge. We are only ahead by 1 point!! Raymond's West Region is shot - he has no teams left in this region. My West Region only has one miss. I have my Tigers going all the way, so I hope we will. If so we might win this year.

We watched Sunday's game vs. Miss State and it was too close for comfort for me. I am kinda glad that I have the Everything for Kids Sale this Friday night so I will not be sooooooooooo nervous watching the game. I was walking in and out during the last few minutes of Sunday's game. I will not be able to call to get a scoring update because Raymond does not know how to behave when watching a TIGER ballgame :) He gets mad at me when I call to get a scoring update. We play Michigan State around 9 on Friday night.

Anyway, GO TIGERS GO!!!

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Rachel Baker said...

You can call me to get a scoring update. But if it is close at the end, I will be in my closet unloading laundry baskets like I did last year when we played Tex A&M. :)