Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our trip to the Zoo

Today we met some friends at the Zoo. It is so pretty here today, high 70. I saw so many people that I knew today.

We got there about 10:30. We saw the giraffes, zebras, and elephants. While at the elephants I saw a mom of a little boy that is in the girls MDO class and we started talking. Next thing I knew Allie had gotten her head stuck in the fence between two iron poles. She could not get her head out and was starting to panic. So was I!! I know I should not have paniced as well but.... anyway. The people who work at the zoo were great! They brought this hook over and latched it over her head where she was stuck. The hook was attached to a cord that when pulled made the bar pull away so she could get her head out. The Zoo worker said that what they were using was very strong and they use it for something with the elephants. Even the elephants came over to watch.

There were so many people around, I was so embarrassed. I had my friends there who helped with Abby because honestly I could not think about her while I was inside the elephant fence trying to clam Allie down. There was this really nice lady that held Allie on the outside so I could be on the inside and look at her. I had a friend who told there were some teenagers taking pictures of it so they could put it on their blogs :) I had to fill out an incident report. Jamie and Ainsley said they thought they should have taken a picture of it. Now I can say I wish they had. I need to take a picture of Allie's neck where she has the marks from the fence. I even had Ainsley call Raymond and he came from work. He was not as mad at me as I though he would have been. He just told me not to get upset because it upsets them. Which Iknow this, but at the time....

Oh yeah, when she got out she said, "I free, I free."

Who would have thought it would have been Allie and not Abby. But we are all at home right now tring hard not to take a much needed nap.


Spellings Fam said...

Ammie keeps "calling" Allie on her phone to make sure her head is ok!

Holly Aytes said...

That made me laugh. I know at the time it wasn't funny. I have been in some of those situations, horrified at the happening and then laughing later. I think the funniest thing was the teenagers taking pics to blog about! Glad she is ok now though.

Rachel Baker said...

Wow...that sounds like quite a trip to the zoo. Wonder if she will try that again. When I was little I got stuck in an old milk jug (it was kind of big...I think my parents used it to store umbrellas). Anyway, only my head stuck out the top. My dad had to rub butter all over my shoulders and I was finally able to wiggle out.

Carol said...

I'm not sure if my last comment went through-Ihad to go and create an account to leave a comment. Crazy computer folks.

I'll just say that now you have a story you can tell Allie's kids!

Love to all, Carol