Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt & Dying Eggs

Today we went to the egg hunt at church. I think we had a good time. They girls were afraid of the Easter Bunny for the first time ever. Allie's nose ran nonstop the entire time and she has a slight cough and runny nose. I will give her some Benadryl before bedtime and hope that helps.

We took a picnic lunch and ate with the Barber's and Spelling's. They both have children the same age as the girls and I know the girls had fun running around with Kingston and Aimee.

Time for Easter candy!

This is as close as Allie would get to the Bunny. It is closer than Abby would get.

After their nap we dyed eggs for the first time. I really wish I had a bar counter top so I could have gotten better pictures. Anyway, the girls had a fun and kept asking for more eggs to dye. Now I have to figure out what to do with 11 hard boiled eggs... any ideas...(We don't like deviled eggs). I will hid these tomorrow after lunch for girls to find in the backyard. Meemaw is coming over for lunch after church. I am cooking a real lunch: chicken & dressing, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes. Meemaw is bring a cake and rolls. Yummy!!!

The girls got to use this egg holding tool that I remember my mom using when we dyed eggs as kids. They really got the hang of using the egg dying tool. It is a wire one that you can not see here.

The girls painting glitter on the eggs.

Abby's eggs

Allie's eggs

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I am coming to your house for lunch, yum!