Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 1st Days of School

The girls are going to school 4 days this fall and I am working 3 days and at home by myself one day and at home with the girls one day. I am testing the water to see if I want to or if I am ready to go back to work. I have worked part time since April back at the Kidney Foundation. I cut back in July but have worked a little more in August. I was given a full time job offer but I know that I am not ready to work full time just quite yet. So I am testing the waters to see if I can do this. I think one reason I had such a hard time in the spring was I had no time to myself to get things done, like going to the grocery store, clean the house, keep things in order, etc. Those simple errands are much harder when you have 2 little ones with you. It is harder to think what you need and make sure you get everything, even on a good behavior day, when you have 4 little hands reaching for things or messing with each other. I have struggled a lot with whether or not I should go back to work even part time. A dear friend reminded me, that kids thrive when mom stays at home and kids thrive when they are in daycare. If it does not work you can always quite. Raymond had always left it up to me if I wanted to go back now or later. I have enjoyed putting the past 3 events together. I have started to lay the ground work for their biggest event in November. Most people know I am very organized and I think that is one reason I do so well at planning these events.

Well, back to the post topic, first days of school. On Monday's (after speech) and Thursday the girls are going to MDO at First Evan. It is close to my work and they have 2 friends in their class, Skylar and Hazel Grace. On Tuesday and Friday they go to Christ Church in Bartlett. They have went here for the past 2 years and really enjoy it. Today was the first day at Christ Church MDO for the fall, they had a good day. My little girls are growing up so fast.

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