Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pouncer Pal's Walk Around

Saturday was the annual Pouncer Pal's Walk Around before the A-State game. I think I enjoyed the walk around more than my kids. When we got to Toby Field we passed an inflated Pouncer. We took the girls over and took their picture with the inflated Pouncer and off to the pre-game picnic we went.

Raymond and Shawn eating (sorry Shawn for the picture)

Abby & Allie
Laural & McKenzie

Getting ready to go into the Stadium. Abby was not a happy little girl, it was too loud for her. I had ear plugs for her, which did the trick by the time we got to our seats. Allie really enjoyed it as well. While waiting outside the tunnel Allie told us she had to go potty. Of course there is no where to go potty at this point in time. I had packed an extra diaper in our bag just in case we had to have one for some reason, in addition to the entire change of clothes for both girls (yes they are potty trained, but you never know when something will go wrong and you will need a diaper). So, I whipped out the diaper (actually Laurel got it our of the backpack for me) and put it on her right there. And my wonderful friends (Laurel and Rachel) took pictures of me doing this!

Kessler Baker

View when we walked into the Stadium with the band on the field. We got caught around the 50 yard line for the National Anthem and then were hurried on around the field. It was so much fun. I am already looking for to next year's walk around.

Allie and some Cheerleaders. Abby was holding on to Raymond and would not get down to be in the picture.

Abby did finally get down and walked. I think she had a good time.

At the game, Allie stayed around Keith, she even cried when he went to restroom or to get a drink.
Abby with McKenzie, Look at how much fun they are having.

Pouncer getting after the A-State Red Wolf.

Tigers got the WIN, 29-17. It is now 2 in a row for our Tigers!! GO TIGERS GO! Next up is UAB at UAB on Thursday night. (Watch the game on College CBS Sports)
As we were leaving Abby was waving her pom-pom and shouting Go Tigers. Allie fell asleep not long after getting in the car to go to Meemaw's house. We had a great family weekend.


JenniferL. said...

Um, Are they wearing t-shirts or dresses? :)

Laurel said...

We had such a great time with you guys! Mackenzie loves the picture of Pouncer and the Red Fox... uh, I mean, Wolf.