Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of the mouths of Babes

Funny things my children have said in the past week:

Abby: "I'm tired like a turkey." (have no idea where it came from)
"Shiver me timbers." Me-"Where did you learn that?" Abby "From Wuzzby"
Football related:
"I love Pouncer, but not the band."
"Will the band be there?"
"Cheerleaders will be on the grass. Football players will be on the grass to."

Allie: "Mommy, watch Dora with me."
"I look with my eyes."
To Raymond regarding my car, "Daddy the car is dirty, it needs to go to the car wash."

Me - Allie, go ask Daddy if he wants some."
Allie - Daddy you want some?"
Ray - Some what?"
Allie - you want some?"
Ray - Some what?
Me - Allie ask daddy if he wants ice cream?
Allie - daddy wants ice cream.

Yesterday while cleaning the bathroom I picked up a locket of hair my the trash can. I know that I did not cut either of the girls hair so I could not figure out where it could have came from. I tossed and forgot all about. Last night a bed time I was combing Allie's hair and it had a large knot in it. I get the scissors just in case I have to cut it out. It was already a knot of hair that had been cut. I ask Allie if she cut her hair. She tells me yes. When, I asked. In the bathroom on my stool. Not the answer to the question I asked but info I needed anyway. I asked her to show me how she cut her hair. She takes my hand, walks me into the bathroom, gets the scissors that I use to cut Raymond's hair, and cuts her hair again in front of me!! Thankfully it is not noticeable and not that much. I should have acted faster when reaching for the scissors. I told her if she ever did that again I would spank her, you don't cut your hair or anyone else's. She looked at me, grinned and said OK Mommy.

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