Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swing Set

Raymond finally found a swing set off craigslist. It took him 6 months but he finally found the girls one. He calls it their birthday present. The couple we bought it from said it is a year old and they are getting rid of it because she wanted her back yard back to looking like a backyard. I thought if you had kids your backyard was suppose to have kid stuff in it. Silly me :) Anyway, I am getting snide. The guy we bought it from took it apart and brought it over to our house this afternoon (yes we have had a VERY BUSY 24 hours at our house-see other posts below). After the guy left Raymond and I put it together. It only took about hour to get it back together and that included 30 minutes of looking in the grass for 2 bolts that one of us dropped. I found one but still have not found the second one.

In pieces

Almost done

Ready for play, and play the girls did this evening. We have to get a piece to fix one of the broken swings but after a quick trip to Lowe's tomorrow the second swing will be ready for use.

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