Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Saturday afternoon we met up with the Baker's, the Barber's, the Gearson's, the Spelling's and Turman's to tailgate before the U of M homecoming game. My brother, Keith and my niece Tessa even came over for a while. We had the girls side and the boys side. The little girls took over the Baker's van and the little boy's took over the Thurman's truck bed. We did not have our girls with us as they were with Dennis & Leslie for the evening.

The tribute to Tom II

After we had been there for an hour or so I remembered that I did not have the tickets. I was so paniced I knew Raymond would be so mad at me. When I told him he just looked at me. Thanks to Adam for telling us that we could go to will call and get replacement tickets since we are season ticket holders. So we had to have Keith go with us to will call since the tickets are in his name. We got in no problem and off into the game we went.

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