Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Happenings

I bought the girls new backpacks today, gotta love Disney Store Clearance! They match their lunch boxes so I was very lucky in getting them. They have 2 other smaller backpacks but I am having troubling getting all their school stuff in the small ones. They played with these backpacks all afternoon long.

Abby playing baby with Allie. She is laying in her baby doll pack-n-play.

Tonight's dinner was Mac & Cheese. Abby made herself a Mac & Cheese Sandwich. It was a mess.

Today while walking in the Target parking lot, the three of us were holding hands and Abby was in the middle. She looks over at me and says swing me. Which is what Raymond and I do when we are both holding one of the girls hands. She wanted me and Allie to swing her.

This afternoon Abby took off this beaded necklace and laid it down. Allie picked it up and put it on. Abby starts to cry and tells me that Allie took her gold medal.

Abby laid out her blanket and placed these cards around it. When I asked her what the cards were doing she told me they were sitting at the table.

Today my children called me a Silly Grownup.

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Rachel Baker said...

I think I like the gold medal comment the best.