Friday, September 26, 2008

Barlett Festival

Tonight we took the girls to the Bartlett Festival. (If your husband is the guys Bible study on Friday night, this is were Raymond was tonight) We saw some old friends from college and their little boy, who the girls ran up and down a hill with while we talked. The girls really enjoyed the trolley bus ride from the McDonald's parking lot to the festival.

At the fair the girls rode the Carousel, the car-go-round, and Abby & Raymond rode the hot air balloon ride. Allie got scared at the last minute and got off before it started. After the rides we walked over to the real hot air balloons. They had tethered rides there. Allie said she wanted to go up, so I bought our tickets and Allie picked out the balloon she wanted to go up in and in line we got. She got in the basket, held on to me and covered her ears and up we went. She lifted her head and looked around for a minute. She had such a smile on her face when we landed.



Hot Air Balloon Ride-right before Allie got out

Hot Air Balloons

Abby asked Tinker Bell if she was a Fairy Princess. There were booths at the Festival and one of them was from Glitz & Glam, this is were Tinker Bell was.

Not sure what is up with Abby's, maybe the pumpkin she is sitting on...
When we got back to our car we walked over to McDonald's and had ice cream. Once we got home and ready for bed, the girls went right off to sleep. We had a great time tonight.

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