Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Conversation with Abby

On the way to church last Wednesday night this was my conversation with Abby:

Abby: Mommy, what is our score?
Me: What?
Abby: Are we playing tonight?
Me: you mean the Tigers?
Abby: Yes, what is our score?
Me: We have not started playing yet.
Abby: Oh, who are we playing?
Me: I don't know. Let's find out (so I turn on the radio and listen for a few minutes) Abby we are playing Marshall.
Abby: What are they?
Me: The Thundering Herd
Abby: What is a thundering herd?
Me: Kinda like a group of bulls or cows.
Abby: oh, so they are the cows
Me: Sorta (I am not going to try to explain this any further)
A few seconds later
Abby: What color do they wear?
Me: Green
Abby: What color are we going to wear?
Me: We will wear blue & white tonight and Marshall will wear white and green
Abby: oh...

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