Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Skating at The Zoo

Friday night we were invited to go ice skating for Ammie's birthday at the Memphis Zoo.  The Zoo has had ice skating since November and I had yet to take the girls so we were happy to go for Ammie's birthday.   After cake and presents at Ammie's we all meet at the Zoo for skating.  

Look how little their feet look!

Not only hugging but hanging so I don't fall.  Abby was a natural at skating, she took and I hardly saw her.  I am very thankful to Ainsley's mom for helping Abby while Allie and I hung onto the wall.
Off she goes.....

Raymond and Allie watching Abby skate.  Allie went around a few times and after falling a couple of times she went and watched with Raymond, who came after eating dinner with Meemaw.

Here I come.......

Watching the workers resurface the ice

My pictures did not turn out as good as I would have liked but I was not going to take my new camera because I had a feeling I would probley fall at some point and I did not want to break it :)

 sorry this one is sideways....

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