Sunday, June 17, 2012

Abby's Accident

The girls were out of school a week before I got out so they got to come to Day School with me and hang out with Mr. Connor for the week.  On Tuesday Connor brings Abby to me crying and she tells me she has something stuck between her teeth.  Well she did not have anything stuck in her teeth, part of her two front, permanent teeth where gone.  She was playing tag on the play ground and ran into the bars used as steps to the monkey bars.  She even left a mark on the bar, see picture below.  I was remarkably calm and we went to Miss Michelle's office to figure out what to do next.  She called Dr. Jeff for us and he referred us to a peds dentist who we were able to get into that afternoon.  After a little while Abby went back to her class and finished the day with her class.  Her teeth did not hurt her, I think she was just scared.  To be honest so was I! 

The dentist was great with Abby.  We scheduled to fix her teeth in June using sedation since she was so scared and frighten.  We went on June 14th to get the teeth repaired and Abby did great!  She spent most of the afternoon laying around once we got but only after eating lunch at chick-fil-a.  She can not have hard food or candy and will have to have her apples cut up from now on.  Hopefully she will not chip these.  She has been very self conscience about all this and has not wanted to show many people her teeth and even was embarrassed that I put the first picture on Facebook.  She now has what Dr. Jeff calls Movie Star Teeth. Hopefully they will stay that way!!

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