Friday, August 17, 2012

St. Louis Day 2 -- The American Girl Store

Tuesday morning we drove to Chesterfield to the Chesterfield Mall to the new American Girl Store.  The girls were so excited to go and get their first American Girl Doll.  We arrived a little before 10 and there was already a small group gathering out front to get in.  We got out and went to wait with everyone else and the doors opens a few minutes later.  It was so much fun to see the girls faces and to see how excited they were to get their dolls and see all the cool stuff they can add to birthday and Christmas lists!

Before we left my aunts house
It did not take that long to actually get the dolls, in fact the girls were ready to pay and unbox the dolls 15 minutes after we got there, they could not wait to hold Molly and Marie Grace!!

So excited!

Allie and Marie Grace

Abby and Molly

Raymond patiently waiting for the girls

Waiting for lunch

Raymond doing what Dad's do best when Mom and the girls have to visit the restroom...hold the dolls

More waiting on lunch.... Lunch was good. I am glad we did it but we most likely will not do it again next time we go, especially if Raymond is with us :)

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