Saturday, November 3, 2012

August 2012

I know it has been a long time since I posted.  Between the girls school, my school and embroidery work we have been busy at our house.  The last time I was on to post pictures of our vacation blogger was not being helpful with my picture uploads, so I just stopped and linked the photo book I made for the girls.  I also post a lot more pictures on Facebook than here.  But since I can not sleep tonight I will try to update some of the past few months. 

August had us going back to school!  The girls entered 2nd grade and as you can see from their pictures below, someone was not to happy about going back to school.  I also had a new group of two years at the Day School.



Allie in Abby's class before we took Allie to her class

Abby's Teacher -- Ms. Ross
Allie's Teacher -- Ms. Scatamacchia

August also had the return of some friends who had moved way up north to Alaska a few years ago.  The Arnett's moved back to Arkansas and were in Memphis for a weekend.  Louise and the kids were able to meet up with all of us for a fun filled Saturday night.  The kids played together like they had never been apart!

This was taken after they all had played in the mud. 

Louise, Me, Laurel, Jamie and Ainsley

Peyton, McKenzie, Camden, Cal, Ammie, Julia, Abby, Kingston and Allie.  John is not pictured for some reason.

Such sweet friends

And finally what August would be complete with out our annual Fantasy Football Draft Night.  This year we went high tech with a live draft at the Barber's.  We still had out paper board as well.

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