Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silly Allie

Allie did not want to eat the other night instead she wanted to watch Dora. We turned off the TV and told her no more TV. She runs over to the chair, sits in the center of it and says "I don't like dinner. I only like Dora." over and over. She did eventually stop crying and eat a few bites.

Today while playing Allie looked at Abby and said, "You're not mommy, your Abby." I am not sure what brought this statement on.

My parents where here this week and Allie heard me called my dad, "dad". She looked at me and said "that's not dad that's pap paw. Daddy's at work." I tried to explain to her that her pap paw was my dad. She did not quite understand that.

On the way home from a birthday party Saturday evening I was listening to the Tigers game. Raymond was Tvio'ing it at home and would not be listening to it in his car. (I just had to know what kind of mood he would be in after he watched the game.) The Tigers won and I told the girls do not tell daddy the Tigers won. He wants to watch the game on Tvio. I told them 3 times "do not tell daddy the Tigers won." As soon as we got out of the car, what does Allie do? She walks over to Raymond and says, "Daddy, the Tigers win. The Tigers win, Daddy." The look I got....

Tonight at dinner we went to Stevi B's (we are so happy they are back open!) and Allie are 6 slices of Pizza. When her plate was full of the crust she does not eat, she brought them over to Raymond. I asked her if Raymond could have her ice cream, she handed more pizza crust. Abby ate 5 slices of pizza, her ice cream, her sister's ice cream and 4 cherry tomatoes! Where do they put it?!?!?

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