Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow Princess Dress-Up

The girls have wanted Snow Princesses outfits since they saw Dora Saves the Snow Princess back in November. So I found this fabric that I had bought about a year and half ago and made these dresses for them. I made the silver capes for their 3rd birthday but they have not played with it so it was put up for a while. While making one of the dresses I tried to sew my finger to the dress. There is no picture of my finger although to look at it now you would never know a sewing needle went through it.

My Snow Princesses - the sash, crown and wand were clearance finds at Target (they had 2 of them!!), and I made a crystal necklace (you can see it real well in Allie's pic below) out of left over ribbon and a large clear tear-drop shape bead we found at Hobby Lobby.

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